Theresa Bernstein: A Century in Art


Theresa Bernstein: A Century in Art

Theresa Bernstein: A Century in Art is a traveling exhibition curated by Distinguished Professor Gail Levin with the assistance of her art history doctoral students. What started as an art history seminar in Fall 2010 resulted in an exhibition, website, and book. The exhibition makes the work of an erased woman artist visible to the public and encourages scholarship and recognition of the forgotten artist in American art. Through her paintings, prints, and drawings, Bernstein reveals some of the major issues of her time.

The students, all of whom contributed research for the exhibition, book, and website, were Sarah Archino (CUNY Ph.D., 2012), Diana Fischman, Stephanie Hackett, Elsie Heung, Gillian Pistell, and Lindsay Smilow. Two scholars, who had each written about Bernstein’s art, organized a show of her work, and befriended her, visited the seminar and shared their expertise: Dr. Patricia M. Burnham and Dr. Michele Cohen (CUNY Ph.D., 2002), the latter of whom also served as a consultant to the project. Essays by Sarah Archino, Patricia M. Burnham, Michele Cohen, Stephanie Hackett, Elsie Heung, Gail Levin (editor), and Gillian Pistell appear in Theresa Bernstein: A Century in Art.

Theresa Bernstein, Still Life After Whistler, ca. 1913. Oil on canvas, 20 x 18 inches. The Graduate Center, CUNY

About Professor Gail Levin

Gail Levin, organizer and curator of Theresa Bernstein: A Century in Art, is Distinguished Professor of Art History, American Studies, and Women's Studies at the Graduate Center and Baruch College.

As the authority on the American realist painter Edward Hopper, Dr. Levin is an acknowledged scholar and curator whose work on twentieth century and contemporary art has garnered international acclaim. Her work has been widely published and translated throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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