The Outcomes Assessment Committee meets to discuss, design, and reflect on the Graduate Center’s student learning assessment. In 2010, the committee approved the Graduate Center’s institutional learning goals:

Upon graduation from CUNY Graduate Center, students must achieve:
1. Broad and specialized knowledge in their discipline. 

2. Oral and written communication skills, other skills and experience  appropriate 
to the discipline as required for career success. 

3. A grounding in professional ethics. 

4. A substantial and original contribution in their field.

After approving GC’s institutional learning goals, the committee asked programs to write overarching learning goals for their program, as well as learning goals for their First and Second Exam, dissertation/capstone, professional development activities, and professional ethics training. The committee’s goal was for GC’s institutional learning goals and program-level learning goals to be appropriately integrated with one another.

In Fall 2011, the Outcomes Assessment Committee instituted a 5-year assessment cycle appropriate for a heavily program-driven doctoral institution. The first year of the cycle began with a round of pilot assessment reviews by a small number of doctoral programs. This pilot year allowed the committee to develop a template for reporting on assessment reviews, based on detailed feedback from the participating programs. Since then, the committee has incorporated additional program feedback to develop additional templates and assessment tools.

Following the pilot year of the assessment cycle, each program began reviewing one or two areas of assessment (the First Exam, the Second Exam, the dissertation/capstone, professional development training and ethics training) or participating in an external review process. Annual assessment reviews examine the structure, curriculum/preparation, and student performance of a given area of assessment to determine how and whether it succeeds in achieving the program’s learning goals.

Each year, upon receiving and reviewing assessment reports from all GC’s programs, the committee synthesizes the results of the reviews and reports to the Provost on the effectiveness of the GC’s assessment process. The committee’s report allows the Provost to evaluate student learning assessment on an institutional level, in accordance with the institution-level learning and strategic goals.

GC central and campus-based faculty can assessment reports, tools, and resources [here]. An error message will appear at the login page until an active username and password are entered. GC central faculty can login using their GC username and password. Campus-based faculty should email for special login permissions.

The Members of the Outcomes Assessment Committee
Professor John Greenwood (chair), Ph.D. Program in Philosophy
Professor Mario DiGangi, Executive Officer, Ph.D. Program in English
Professor Laurel Eckhardt, Executive Officer, Ph.D. Program in Biology
Kara Eubanks, Student Assessment Coordinator
Robert Hatcher, Director of the Wellness Center
Kristin Moriah, Ph.D. student in English 
Professor Maureen O'Connor, Executive Officer, Ph.D. Program in Psychology
Professor David Olan, Associate Provost and Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor Barbara Weinstein, Executive Officer, Ph.D. Program in Audiology
Associate Professor Darryl Hill, Ph.D. Program in Psychology
Associate Professor Carrie Hintz, Ph.D. Program in English

Please email any questions regarding assessment to Kara Eubanks at