Strategic Planning Task Forces

Following is a list of task forces involved in the strategic plan, their members, and corresponding reports.

Academic Task Force

Chase Robinson, Provost and Senior Vice President (Chair)
Linda Edwards, Professor of Economics
Edith Gonzalez, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
Ted Brown, Professor and Executive Officer of Computer Science
Iakovos Vasiliou, Professor and Executive Officer of Philosophy
Joe Rollins, Professor and Executive Officer of Political Science
Marie Burrage, Assistant Director of Institutional Research
Louise Lennihan, Associate Provost for the Humanities & Social Sciences
Ann Henderson, Associate Provost for the Sciences
Amy Sweeney, Assistant, Office of the Provost 

Academic Task Force Report

Advancement and Development

Ray Soldavin, VP of Institutional Advancement (Chair)
Miriam Capua, Director of Major Gifts
Jim Cronin, Associate Director of Development
Barry Disman, Director of Graphic Designs
Andrea Jeyaveeran, Director of Public Programs
Molly Yin, Administrative Director of Institutional Advancement

Advancement and Development Task Force Report


David Olan, EO of Music (Chair)
Ted Brown, EO of Computer Science
Laurel Eckhardt, EO of Biology
Maureen O’Connor, EO of Psychology
Joe Rollins, EO of Political Science
Barbara Weinstein, EO of Audiology
Kimberly Libman, Student in Psychology
Tony Perri, Student in Chemistry
Louise Lennihan, Associate Provost for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Adjie Henderson, Associate Provost for the Sciences
Marie Burrage, Associate Director of Institutional Research
Kara Eubanks, Student Assessment Coordinator

Assessement Task Force Report


Sebastian Persico, Senior VP for Finance & Administration (Chair)
Stuart Shor, Assistant Vice President for Finance
Althea Harewood, Director of Finance for External Entities
Ab Abraham, Director of Finance
Finney Joshua, Director of Budget

Finance Task Force Report

Financial Aid

John Williams, Director of Financial Aid (Chair)
Anne Ellis, Special Assistant to the Associate Provost
Ann Henderson, Associate Provost/Dean for Sciences
Anne Johnson, Assistant Director/Federal Work Study Coordinator
Trevor Lee, Research Assistant/Graduate Student
Robert Nelson, Deputy Director of Student Services
Janet Speckmann, Associate Director
Rachel Sponzo, Staff Assistant for Academic Affairs
Rafael Villalona, Financial Aid Manager
Shelley Worrell, Assistant Director/ Direct Loan Coordinator

Financial Aid Task Force Report

Human Resources

Yosette Jones-Johnson, Assistant VP for Faculty & Staff Relations (Chair)
Jane Herbert, Executive Director for Academic Affairs
Ella Kiselyuk, Director of Human Resources
Edith Rivera, Affirmative Action Officer
Teena Costabile, Associate Director of Human Resources
Mamie Mark, Systems Administrator, Human Resources

Human Resources Task Force Report

Information Technology

Robert D. Campbell, VP for Information Technology (Chair)
Matthew Liston, Director of to the Division of Systems Services
Elaine Montilla, Director of the Division of Client Services
Tawana C. Spellen, Director of the Division of Administrative Services

Information Technology Task Force Report


Julie Cunningham, Chief Librarian (Chair)
Amy Ballmer, Reference Librarian
Martin, Burke, History Professor, Chair of Library Committee
Jane Fitzpatrick, Head of Library Acquisitions
Jessica McGivney, Interlibrary Loan Office Manager
Suzanne Tamang, DSC Co-Chair

Library Task Force Report

Research and Sponsored Programs

Edith Gonzalez, Executive Director of Research and Sponsored Programs (Chair)
Roger Hart, Director, Center for Human Environments, Foundation Grants PI
Thomas McGovern, Anthropology Program, NSF PI
Tom Traficante, Director for Academic Budgeting, Planning and Resource Allocation
Hilry Fisher, Director of Sponsored Research
Joe Rollins, Executive Officer, Political Science Program

Research and Sponsored Programs Task Force Report

Space Planning

Chase Robinson, Provost (Chair)
Sebastian Persico, Senior VP for Finance and Administration
Robert Campbell, Vice President for IT
Eric Blomquist, Deputy Director of Special Events
John Flaherty, Director of Security & Public Safety
Mario DiGangi, EO of English
Klara Martin, EO of Speech- Language- Hearing Sciences
Mike Byers, Director of Facilities
Edith Gonzalez, Executive Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
Tom Traficante, Director for Academic Budgeting, Planning & Resource Allocation
Mike Lubing, Student Representative

Space Task Force Report

Student Affairs

Matthew Schoengood, Vice President for Student Affairs (Chair)
Vincent De Luca, Director of Student Services and Senior Registrar
Sharon Lerner, Director of Student Affairs
Robert Hatcher, Director of the Wellness Center
Elise Perram, Associate Director of Student Affairs/Director of Student Activities
Douglas Ewing, Director, Office of International Students
Les Gribben, Director of Admissions
Suzanne Tamang, Doctoral Student, Ph.D. Program in Computer Science
Peter Consenstein, Executive Officer, Ph.D. Program in French

Student Affairs Task Force Report