Policy on Inventory of Equipment/Software

Annual Inventory:

The Property Management Office (PMO) conducts an annual physical inventory of the College’s equipment and software purchased by the College with a threshold of $1,000 for computer and computer-related equipment and a $5,000 threshold for software and non-computer related equipment.

Department Heads are responsible for assuring that equipment/software purchased and allocated to their respective department can be accounted for during the annual inventory. All equipment that was not located during the initial scanning of the building must be verified for make, model, serial number, CUNY barcode tag number, and location.

The PMO distributes an annual report listing the not-found equipment/software for each area and forwards it to the appropriate Department Head. Department Heads are ultimately responsible and accountable for all not-found equipment on and off campus, therefore, it is the Department Heads responsibility to review their report of not-found equipment, account for the disposition and location of each not-found item, sign the report, and return the report to the PMO by the designated date.

Heads of Department(s) who authorize equipment to be used at home or off campus for faculty, staff or student members of the Graduate Center, must verify the equipment’s location during the annual inventory. All equipment including those for home use and off campus must be returned to the Graduate Center prior to being separated from service. It is the Graduate Center’s practice to withhold separating employee’ check(s) who have not returned equipment prior to his/her last day of service.

Any disposition changes to equipment must be reported to the PMO office.