IT Senior Associate, Level 3 (Provisional)-Database Administrator

  • Job Class: Information Technology
  • Job ID Number: 9459
  • Department: Information Technology
  • Location: The Graduate Center
  • Closing Date: NOV 23, 2013


Campus Specific Information
Information Technology (IT) is the division of the Graduate Center responsible for voice, video, and data systems and services. The mission of this unit is to promote, facilitate, and support the effective use of technology in the learning process, instruction and research, and processing and accessing institutional information.

Reporting directly to the Database Services Manager and as a member of the IT Systems Services Division, the IT Senior Associate, Level 3/Database Administrator is responsible for overseeing, installing, upgrading, maintaining, troubleshooting and researching database and software applications. This position works in concert with others to create, maintain, and support a set of integrated information systems and databases of institutional data for administrative functions.

- Serve as the chief administrator and daily manager of the GC database environment.
- Manage the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting including root cause analysis of administrative system software packages.
- Oversee and manage performance system tuning and capacity planning proactively.
- Oversee design for database integration of Graduate Center web site as well as web interfaces to administrative data for executives, faculty, advisors, and students.
- Design database physical and logical design and administer database management system and servers.
- Ensure data integrity and compliance with standard relational database structures.
- Install, configure, test, and maintain software and new versions of database management system.
- Administer database and system security access and access control permissions and privileges.
- Determine appropriate strategies for updating and refreshing a large and complex database; initiate and review tests of database integrity.
- Administer back-up and recovery functions; develop, manage, and test backup recovery plans.
- Conduct audits of database and applications for regulatory, performance compliance, and enhancements.
- Collaborate with other Information Technology staff including the Web and Infrastructure teams to ensure smooth delivery of services and interact with vendors and CUNY technology support managers and staff as necessary.
- Create documentation for cross training in the operation of the databases and ERP system.
- Remain current with software industry related database technologies; engage in a rigorous ongoing program of professional development.
- Perform other related duties and assignments as requested.

General Duties
I.T. Senior Associates perform highly complex professional work in technology-related disciplines.  While areas of specialization vary, typically I.T. Senior Associates perform a range of work in development/programming, communications, technical support, or similar functions depending on the needs of the Information Technology area to which they report.  Work tasks include diagnosing, evaluating, overseeing and resolving highly complex projects.  They have wide latitude for independent initiative and judgment and may serve in lead roles on complex programs or projects, and/or serve as a direct supervisor of a unit or group. 
I.T. Senior Associates should demonstrate mastery of one or more technology-related disciplines, decision-making ability in situations related to those disciplines, and be able to serve as a resource in these areas.  They may contribute to decisions on I.T. policies and technical standards.
This job is in CUNY's Classified Civil Service.  The full specification is available on our web site at


Minimum Qualifications
1. High School Diploma, G.E.D., or equivalent
2. An equivalent of ten years of experience post-high school that can be met by one of the following: ten years of full-time work experience in a computer or technology related position; an Associate's degree plus eight years of full-time work experience in a computer or technology-related position; or a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution plus six years of full-time work experience in a computer or technology-related position
3. Demonstrated English Language proficiency
4. A Motor Vehicle Driver's license, valid in New York State, may be required for some, but not all positions.
This title has three levels.  In addition to the minimum qualifications above, To qualify for Levels 2 and 3, additional qualifications, such as education, experience, or certification relevant to the area of specialization are required.

Other Qualifications
Preferred qualifications include:
- Experience in an enterprise-wide based ERP system like Banner, Datatel and/or Peoplesoft
- Experience with installation, maintenance, configuration, and upgrading Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL database server software and related products including patching, backup recovery, replication, and tuning
- Experience in  web architecture and middleware like Oracle Fusion and Content Management middleware
- Knowledge of scripting language, servers, network, and operating systems
- Excellent analytical, problem solving and communication skills, ability to perform and participate in a team oriented environment, and ability to manage changing priorities and workloads
- Experience in a higher education setting, leadership positions, and managing projects
- Ability to work flexible hours

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How To Apply

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