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How can I use collaboration in Blackboard?

What is Blackboard?

View your courses.

If you are a student, you will see a list of courses for which you are registered for (and is set to be avaialble by the instructor.)


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Are there any guidelines when using Kentico CMS?

With the help of our design team and the Communications & Marketing department, we have amassed a repository of walkthroughs, videos and workshops that are available for your use.

Some of the things you will discover are:
  • Create quick and simple online forms for your users to fill out.  Once a form is generated, it can be placed onto any page as a standard widget.  All the data collected is available for your review in the same location you went to create the form initially and if required, you can secure that form and its data against non-authorized individuals.

  • All event listings that are created in Kentico are automatically made available to the CUNY website (www.cuny.edu) for inclusion in their feeds, are automatically included for display on the Graduate Center calendar and are available in our RSS feeds.

    News articles are made available in the main GC news listing (as well as other microsites if desired) and are also available in our RSS feeds.

  • In order to meet the needs of our various academic programs and centers, the web team created a simple form for you to enter in all your associated faculty members.  If you find that the form doesn't entirely meet your needs, please feel free to contact the Help Desk with details of your requirements and the web team will be in contact with you.
And there are many other great things about Kentico... take a look around or contact us via the Help Desk to learn more!

Is there a comprehensive list of all the widgets available to me in the Kentico CMS?

The Kentico CMS is a very robust and complex system with a large number of user customizable widgets (easy-to-use plug-n-play package of features).  In addition to Kentico's out-of-the-box options, the Graduate Center web team continually works to create additional widgets that are available for your usage.

As a result, we can only provide you a guide to all the custom built widgets in this comprehensive guide at this time.

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Does Information Technology provide online training videos?

Yes.  There are training videos available for key topics such as Blackboard, Kentico, Opinio and Argos as shown in the image below.  Please click here to view these videos: http://video.gc.cuny.edu/videos/channel/16/

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