Sociology Colloquium Series: Vincenzo Cicchelli and Sylvie Octobre

SEP 15, 2017 | 3:00 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


6112: Sociology Student Lounge


September 15, 2017: 3:00 PM




The Seven Pillars of Aesthetic-Cultural Cosmopolitanism

The globalization of cultural industries and the growing circulation of cultural products, facilitated by the rise of digital technologies and social networks, are major factors contributing to the internationalization of youth cultural repertoires and consumption patterns. The circulation of cultural contents and icons favors the shaping and reshaping of imaginaries of the world. In fact, nowadays, the first point of contact that young individuals have with a foreign culture most frequently occurs through television shows, movies or music, the internet and social media. The concept of the cosmopolitan amateur can thus be harnessed to describe both the connections produced by knowledge, and the feelings expressed through taste preferences that help young people to situate themselves within the global cultural mosaic, and become more aware of their scales of belonging (infra-national, national or transnational). This presentation highlights the ways in which cosmopolitan amateurs engage with the cultural good and global icons and produce imaginaries of the world, and is based on a research conducted in France among young people aged 18 to 29.

Vincenzo Cicchelli, University of Paris, Descartes and GEMASS (CNRS/Paris Sorbonne) 
Sylvie Octobre, GEMASS (CNRS/Paris Sorbonne)​ and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication

Vincenzo Cicchelli is an associate professor at University Paris Descartes and Research Fellow at Gemass (CNRS/Paris Sorbonne). He currently is the series editor of “Youth in a Globalizing World” (Brill Publishing, Leyden/Boston). His primary research and teaching interests are in global studies, cosmopolitanism, international comparisons, and youth conditions in the Euromediterranean area. Among his last books: Aesthetico-Cultural Cosmopolitanism and French Youth - The Taste of the World. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017 (with Octobre S.); Pluriel et commun. Sociologie d’un monde cosmopolite. Presses de Sciences Po (2016); (with Cotesta V. and Nocenzi M., eds), Global Society, Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights, Cambridge Scholar Publishing (2013); L’autonomie des jeunes, La documentation Française (2013); L’esprit cosmopolite. Voyages de formation des jeunes en Europe, Presses de SciencesPo (2012).

Sylvie Octobre is a researcher for the Department of Studies, Statistics and Forecast of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and Associate Research Fellow at GEMASS (CNRS/Paris Sorbonne). Her research interests focus on cultural participation, generational shift in cultural consumption and socialization, particularly from a gendered and globalized perspective. Among her last books: Aesthetico-Cultural Cosmopolitanism and French Youth - The Taste of the World. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017 (with Cicchelli V.); Question de genre, questions de culture, La documentation Française  (2014) ; Deux pouces et des neurones : les cultures juvéniles de l’ère médiatique à l’ère numérique, La documentation Française (2014) ; (with R. Sirota (eds)) L’enfant et ses cultures, approches internationales,, La documentation Française  (2013) ; (with C Detrez, P Mercklé, N Berthomier),  L’enfance des loisirs : trajectoires communes et parcours individuels de la fin de l’enfance à la grande adolescence, La documentation Française (2010).