Faculty Book: Robert Engel and JaimeLee Iolani Cohen

Robert Engel and JaimeLee Iolani Cohen

Synthesis of Carbon-Phosphorus Bonds
(CRC PRESS, 1988, 2004; 178 pp.)

This book is a useful tool for the laboratory, incorporating classical approaches with the recent developments of carbon-phosphorus (C-P) bond formation. These advances include the use of transient oxophosphoranes as intermediates in organophosphorus compound synthesis along with the new approaches towards the preparation of compounds with aromatic and vinylic C-P bonds. It offers detailed surveys of IUPAC nomenclature, common notation systems, and various experimental examples. These features help to make this volume a working guide for any chemists working with C-P bonds. Engel is a professor of chemistry at Queens College and The Graduate Center. Cohen is assistant professor of chemistry at Pace University.

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Submitted on: JUN 30, 2004

Category: Chemistry, Faculty Books