Time.com, 9.11.14
Essay “Public Squares Are More Vital Than Ever as Our Public Conversation Expands,” by Professor Setha Low, is director of the Public Space Research Group at The Graduate Center, City University of New York.


DNAInfo.com, 9.9.14
Steve Romalewski, mapping director at CUNY’s Graduate Center conjectures that it will be interesting to watch how many Democrats will buck the established Democratic Party and vote for primary challengers.


Ring of Fire, 9.9.14
CUNY TV video of the Warren-Krugman conversation.


Jewish Review of Books, 9.4.14
A book review authored by Richard Wolin, Distinguished Professor of History and Political Science at the Graduate Center, CUNY, of “Eichmann Before Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil.”


CNN Money, 9.5.14
Senator Elizabeth Warren said that the biggest mystery to solve at the moment was how to get the American economy working for someone other than billionaires, before a packed house at a forum held with Paul Krugman at the Graduate Center, CUNY.


Business Insider, 9.5.14
Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winning economist, sat down for a discussion with Senator Elizabeth Warren at CUNY’s Graduate Center, during which he stated that the Supreme Court issued an “outrageous” and “insane” decision in Hobby Lobby, denying women access to birth contraceptives based on the business owner’s religious beliefs.


The Guardian, 9.4.14
Graduate Center Professor Ruth Milkman, author of a new report on the surge of union memberships in New York State, discusses how the unions have shifted their organizing strategies to now include fast food workers.


The Nation, 9.3.14
According to a study conducted by Ruth Milkman and Stephanie Luce, City University of New York researchers, New York remains the most union dense state in the country at 24.6 percent of workers (article links to the GC press release)


Bloomberg Businessweek, 9.2.14
The share of New York City's workforce that belongs to a union has risen to almost a quarter—24 percent—according to an analysis of 18 months of federal Current Population Survey data on public and private sector workers by Ruth Milkman and Stephanie Luce of the City University of New York Graduate Center.


The New York Times, 8.31.14
A 2014 report, co-authored by Ruth Milkman of the CUNY Graduate Center, on labor trends in New York City and state found that there has been an 18-month rebound in the number of New Yorkers who became a union member, reversing a national and local trend.