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Capital New York, 7.23.14
David Bloomfield, a professor of education at CUNY’s Graduate Center and Brooklyn College, also said Success’ likely expansion could create more of a wedge between Success and the city’s other charters, since the network will serve by far the most students and require the most public dollars, a sentiment echoed by some independent charter leaders.


The Washington Post, 7.18.14
Janet Gornick, a professor of political science and sociology at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center who studies paid-leave policies around the globe, said that traditional attitudes about gender still hold powerful sway even in countries with generous paid parental leave policies.


The New York Times, 7.16.14
Chase F. Robinson, president of the GC and distinguished professor of history, contributes an op-ed to the New York Times regarding the rhetoric of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


NY1 News, 6.25.14
Steve Romalewski, the director of the mapping service at the City University of New York's Graduate Center, joined Inside City Hall to look at the voting patterns and demographics that led to Rep. Charles Rangel’s victory in 2012 and what he needed to do to hold onto his seat this year.


Gotham Gazette, 6.24.14
Opinion-editorial by Robert Cherry, Stern Professor of Economics, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of CUNY.


Gotham Gazette, 6.15.14
Opinion-editorial by David C. Bloomfield, professor of Education at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He is the author of American Public Education Law, 2nd ed. and many other works, including an earlier column, Teacher Tenure Tantrum.


Radio Canada, 6.1.14
Interview of Thomas Spear, professor of French at the Graduate Center about the Ready for Hillary political action committee. The interview begins at 8:45 in the podcast.


NY1, 6.2.14
"The possibility of an Espaillat victory is there, but it all turns around on the effectiveness of his organization," said John Mollenkopf of The Graduate Center at CUNY.


Science Magazine, 5.27.14
The world Gini data, collected between 2008 and 2012, cover 117 countries and were prepared for Science by researchers Branko Milanovic and Janet Gornick of the Luxembourg Income Study Center at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center.


Off the Grid blog, 5.21.14
Dr. Suzanne Wasserman, director of the Gotham Center for NYC History at the Graduate Center, CUNY opined on the 1921 and 1934 immigration quota laws that set limitation on immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe that was transcended by a 1965 immigration law allowing immigrants from Asia and the Caribbean to enter in record numbers.