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The Center for Human Environments (CHE), one of more than 30 research centers and institutes in the Graduate Center, brings together psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, geographers, earth and environmental scientists, and public health experts whose research addresses the relationship between people and their physical settings. By providing a forum where the social sciences meet environmental research, CHE seeks to produce deeper understanding of, and potential solutions to, the problems faced by schools, neighborhoods and larger communities, nonprofit organizations, community-based groups and advocacy movements, and government agencies.

CHE operates as a consortium of specialized research sub-groups that share administrative resources and often pool their expertise and contacts in developing research proposals or sponsoring events. These sub-groups are:

  • Children's Environments Research Group
  • College Access: Research & Action
  • Health and Society Research Group
  • Housing Environments Research Group
  • Public Science Project (formerly known as the Participatory Action Research Collective)
  • Public Space Research Group
  • Developmental Studies Research Group
The Center also houses ActKnowledge, a consulting organization that works with community groups, not-for-profits, foundations, and government agencies to evaluate their programs and to help them enhance their effectiveness.

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