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Here is a sampling of the projects conducted by CHE researchers in recent years:

  • The Article 15 Project. An international project supporting children's right to self-organize, as enunciated in Article 15 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
    -- Children's Environments Research Group
  • Seminars in U.S. secondary education reform. A Ford Foundation-sponsored analysis of how philanthropies and other actors can best support both social justice and improved quality in U.S. secondary education.
    -- Michelle Fine and Public Science Project
  • An ethnographic overview of usage of the Gateway National Recreation Area/Staten Island, conducted for the National Park Service.
    -- ActKnowledge, in collaboration with the GC Sociology Dept.
  • UNICEF's Education in Emergencies Project: a toolkit allowing children to evaluate temporary schools used in emergency situations (displacement by natural disaster, conflict, etc.)
    -- Children's Environments Research Group
  • The privatization of public space and modes of resistance to loss of "the commons."
    -- Public Space Research Group
  • Measuring quality of life and testing interventions to improve quality of life in cancer survivors.
    -- Health and Society Research Group
  • The Morris Justice Project: a participatory investigation of the NY Police Department "Stop and Frisk" policy in one Bronx neighborhood.
    -- Public Science Project
  • Student Success Centers and College Access: Research and Action. Development of peer-led college counseling services in NYC high schools, especially in under-served areas.
    -- Michelle Fine and Public Science Project
  • Residential mobility and its impact on the well-being of young children in the U.S. and the U.K.
    -- Health and Society Research Group
  • Alternative Housing Research: U.S. housing alternatives in the wake of the foreclosure crisis.
    -- Housing Environments Research Group