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About the Center for Urban Research

The Center for Urban Research (CUR) works with faculty and graduate students to organize basic research on the critical issues facing New York and other large cities in the U.S. and abroad, collaborates on applied research and information dissemination with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, foundations, the media, and other partners, and holds forums and workshops on urban research undertaken at the Graduate Center and the City University.

These activities are motivated by the desire to understand how broad forces like the global economy and immigration are reshaping work, politics, and neighborhood life in large metropolitan areas.  To promote these ends, CUR:

  1. Organizes lectures, seminars, and conferences and encourages debate within CUNY and New York City on urban issues.
  2. Develops and seeks foundation, government, and corporate funding for research that uses New York City as a laboratory.  Main areas of research include:
    • immigration and migration,
    • housing and neighborhood change,
    • labor market trends,
    • economic development,
    • demographic trends,
    • crime, and
    • political participation.
  3. Provides a laboratory for statistical analysis and mapping of a variety of data sources and trains faculty and students to employ them.  The CUNY Data Service and CUNY Mapping Service at CUR specialize in using the latest statistical and mapping tools and techniques.  The New York City Labor Market Information Service (NYCLMIS) produces action-oriented research on workforce development issues and serves as a portal for cutting-edge and timely labor market data about New York City.
    • Software includes SPSS, SAS, R, ArcGIS, SQL Server, PostgreSQL & PostGIS, Access, Excel, MapInfo, and Atlas Select.
    • Hardware includes a state-of-the-art desktop and server-based PC network, the university mainframe, and many forms of data storage and output.
  4. Informs constituencies outside the university about these activities.