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Labor Market Information Tools

The NYCLMIS strives to create research and tools that are usable by a broad range of users  in the workforce development world - including jobseekers, career advisors, account executives, researchers, agency staff and policy makers.  The purpose of the tools is to help workforce development stakeholders to collect and use information in their day-to-day lives and strategic decision-making.

Learning to Work Career Exploration Brochures

NYCLMIS and Grant Associates created eight career pathway brochures for youth and young adults to explore opportunities in some of New York City’s top industries. Moving forward, there will be additional brochures; together, they will be a part of a larger effort to infuse career exploration and preparation into New York City public school students’ academic experiences.

The brochures incorporate up-to-date and accessible labor market data and industry-vetted sector descriptions in a style that is engaging to students and helps them to envision their future.  The goal of the project is to open students’ eyes to the thousands of jobs unknown to those outside the industry, to strengthen their understanding of the requirements for different jobs, and to reinforce the idea that increased levels of education, training, and experience lead to advancement, higher salaries and broader opportunities for career fulfillment. The eight brochure created to date are:

FEEDBACK: Please tell us about how you’re using the brochures and/or give us feedback on how they can be further improved.


Occupational Real-Time Labor Market Information Reports (Quarterly - Last Updated Sep 9, 2013)

NYCLMIS is partnering with Kingsborough Community College, CUNY Central Office, and seven other CUNY Campuses on the CUNY CareerPATH Initiative supported by the United States Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration. The goal of the project is to help prepare people formerly working in industries affected by job off-shoring for meaningful work in higher growth occupations and industries. CUNY CareerPATH provides adult and continuing education to individuals in the health care, education, green and advanced manufacturing, and accommodation and food services sectors, as well as in business start-up (entrepreneurialism). As part of its work, NYCLMIS prepares quarterly real time labor market information reports to that helps the program managers, job developers, career counselors, and the students themselves to:

  • Identify which employers are searching for candidates;
  • Understand overall and seasonal hiring trends;
  • Locate where in the Metro area are the job openings;
  • Identify the skills, tools, and technologies in demand; and
  • See actual job ads.

Click on the links below to download one or more of the most recent REAL TIME occupation reports prepared for CUNY CareerPATH!

Accommodation Subsector

Food Service Subsector


Health Care


Green Occupational Spotlights (November 2011)

In collaboration with the New York State Department of Labor, the NYCLMIS prepared profiles of 10 of occupations found in the state's green economy. The profiles were produced as part of the larger Statewide Green Jobs Study. The occupations are (in separate [PDF] files):

2000-2010 Job and Wage Trends in New York City by Sector: This tool contains charts and data that demonstrate job and wage trends in New York City's labor market by sector and subsector.

2010-2020 Occupational Projections for NYC: This tool contains a summary of the New York State Department of Labor’s most recent employment projections through 2020 and current wage information for all occupations in New York City.

Useful LMI Resources for NYC (PDF): This tool contains links to labor market information tools (jobseekers, career advisors, and account managers) such as career exploration tools, job counts, occupational projections, and reports on special topics.

Key Terms and Definitions in Labor Market Analysis: This tool defines some key classification terms used in labor market analysis.

How To Find and Download Business Lists:
This tool provides step-by-step instructions for determining which businesses you want to identify and downloading business lists from InfoUSA or Dun & Bradstreet's proprietary databases for free at the New York Public Library.

Introduction to Labor Market Information Workshops and Materials

The NYCLMIS periodically conducts workshops with workforce providers to help them use publicly available labor market information to inform their strategic planning and daily practice. Here, you can link to a sample of the handouts used in a half-day workshop with the CUNY Adult and Continuing Education Deans and Directors group on January 20, 2010 at the Graduate Center.

Detailed Occupation Profiles 10 Transportation Occupations

Considering a number of criteria including number of jobs, rate of growth, comparatively low educational requirements, and good wage levels, the NYCLMIS has selected ten occupations in the transportation sector for consideration by workforce development professionals and created a detailed occupational profile for each. Workforce professionals can use them to inform and refine their career advising and job-matching activities. Jobseekers themselves can use them profiles to better understand occupations in the transportation sector and determine their own interest and compatibility. Each profile includes information about: wages and employment trends, job characteristics, employee characteristics and qualifications (including required education, training and/or licensing), the abilities and skills necessary to be successful in the occupation, as well as a list of related occupations. The detailed occupation profiles - excerpted from the longer report, Employment in New York City's Transportation Sector, are below: