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"Every Graduate Center student knows the hardship of balancing their love for what they do with the high costs of living in NYC. Without the Leon Levy Center grant last year, there is no way I could have made as much progress on my dissertation as I did."

—Peter-Christian Aigner, 2012–2013 dissertation fellow, History: "The Politician and the Professor: Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the Strains of Modern American Liberalism."


Dissertation Fellows

2016 - 2017 Dissertation Fellows

Melina Moore

Melina Moore is a doctoral candidate in English whose dissertation is entitled "Trans Life Writing from the 18th Century to the Present: Genres in Transition," examining the way transgender subjects engage with and revise existing narrative forms in the Western autobiographical tradition to tell stories of gender crossing.

Madison Priest

Madison Priest is a doctoral candidate in English whose dissertation, "Women We Don’t Want to Be: The Female-Authored Antiheroine in American Modernism," borrows and adapts methodologies from middlebrow and periodical studies to offer a theoretically and historically robust account of female-authored antiheroines -- “the woman we don’t want to be.”