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LIS in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg since 1983, LIS (formerly the Luxembourg Income Study), is the parent organisation to the LIS Center at the Graduate Center.

LIS in Luxembourg houses the Luxembourg Income Study and Luxembourg Wealth Study databases as well as several staff members who perform essential roles of the organisation: data acquisition, harmonization and management; data documentation; technical and user support; instruction; research; core administration. The Visiting Scholar and Summer Workshop programs take place in Luxembourg.


Accessing the Data

Accessing the LIS and LWS micro-data:

Registered users may work directly with the LIS and LWS microdata, via LIS’s remote-access system, known as LISSY. LISSY permits data queries (in SPSS, Stata or SAS) to be processed quickly with results returned to users at remote locations. LISSY allows researchers to access the LIS and LWS data while respecting privacy restrictions required by the countries providing the microdata.

A simple online registration process is available on the LIS website. Registered users are required to renew their registration online each year.

Accessing country-level indicators based on the LIS microdata:

All visitors to the LIS website may view and download the LIS Key Figures

  • The LIS Inequality and Poverty Key Figures include a variety of inequality measures (Gini coefficients, Atkinson coefficients and percentile ratios), relative poverty rates for various demographic groups, and equivalised median and mean disposable household income. These Key Figures are constructed for all datasets included in the LIS database.


  • The LIS by Gender Key Figures include a range of economic and employment outcomes by gender. Currently, these Key Figures exist only for LIS Wave V.


LIS and LWS Working Papers

The directors and staff of LIS conduct research using LIS and LWS data. That research, as well as research from Visiting Scholars and papers written by users of the LIS data, is collected in the LIS and LWS Working Papers series and an additional Technical Series. The Working Papers series are accessible to all visitors, and papers can be found easily via the search engine provided.

To submit a paper to the LIS or LWS Working Paper Series, please see the Working Papers Policies page.


Financial Contributors

LIS is able to make its resources available to researchers in participating countries — and to students worldwide — through the generous support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research and contributions from other participating countries.

Certain projects are jointly sponsored by LIS and multinational organizations such as the World Bank and the OECD.