Advisory Board

 1. Paul Attewell
Professor of Sociology
Sociology Department
CUNY Graduate Center

2. Helen Boehm
Senior Vice President
Public Responsibility and Network Standards
MTV Networks

3. Marian Adams Bott
New York Junior League Delegate
Educational Priorities Panel, New York City

4. Ted Brown
Executive Officer, Computer Science Department
Executive Director, CUNY Institute of Software Design and Development
CUNY Graduate Center

5. David Chapin
Professor of Environmental Psychology
Psychology Department
CUNY Graduate Center

6. Joyce Chopin
Former Supervising Superintendent
Center for Recruitment and Professional Development
New York City Department of Education

7. Larry F. Darby
Darby Associates

8. F.W. Gerbracht, Jr.
Mercer College of Theology
Former Director and Chief Information Security Officer
Credit Suisse First Boston
Board Chair

9. William Graham
Director of Ecommerce
M. Rothman & Co Inc

10. Elizabeth Kaufman
Kaufman & Reznick Associates

11. Kenneth King
Kenneth King and Associates
Former Provost
Cornell University

12. Paul A. Lacouture
President, Network Service Group

13. Robert Pepper
Vice President
Global Technology Policy
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Former Chief of Policy Development
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

14. Joan G. Scheuer
Educational Finance Consultant

15. Steven L. Sheinheit
Chief Technology Officer
Metropolitan Life

16. William Squadron
Chief Executive Officer
SportTVision Systems, LLC

17. Helen Birenbaum
Executive Director
Stanton/Heiskell Center