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March 8
James Art Gallery, 6:30pm

The Days of the Commune

In the spring of 2012, Zoe Beloff brought together a group of actors, activists and artists to perform  Brecht’s play The Days of the Commune in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Thinking about OWS as a radical theater of the people, Beloff conceptualized this project as a “work in progress.” Rather than stage the play in a theater, the group performed the work, scene by scene, in public spaces around New York City, starting in Zuccotti Park. These public rehearsals ran from March through May, the months of the Paris Commune's brief existence in the spring of 1871. Historian Mitchell Abidor will contextualize the project with comments on the Paris Commune—the first great modern Occupation where workers turned their city into a progressive democracy of the people. After the film screening, join Beloff in conversation with Amy Herzog and Tara Mateik about her film which brings this movement into dialogue with Brecht’s radical restaging, and with contemporary social movements.
Footage from Beloff’s staging of Brecht’s play in Zuccotti Park and other New York locations, March 3-May 27, 2012.

Sponsored by the Film Studies Certificate Program and the Center for the Humanities  Information:

April 9
Segal Theatre, 6:00-9:00pm

Panel Discussion: The Politics of Moving Images in the Age of Social Networking (tentative title), organized by Natalie Musteata (Art History Ph.D. student) 

In an age of accelerated digital imaging and communication technologies, the velocity with which information travels is such that it invests the image production with newfound power. This panel invites media scholars, curators, and artists to discuss how this endless stream of degraded, pixelated images, videos, and films has significantly altered the way we experience and understand our contemporary politicized world.

Sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in Art History and the Film Studies Certificate Program

April 17
Room 9207 (PLEASE NOTE ROOM CHANGE), 6:30pm

Raed Rafei (CUNY Graduate School of Journalism) & Rania Rafei present their film 74 (The Reconstitution of a Struggle) (Lebanon, 2012). Using a cast of contemporary activists, the filmmakers combine meticulous historical research with improvisational performances to restage the 1974 student occupation of The American University of Beirut. Present and past emerge as deeply entwined, collapsing the pressures of reality with imagined histories and visions of future change.

Sponsored by the Film Studies Certificate Program, the Middle East and Middle Easstern American Center, Cinema Studies Group, and The CUNY Advocate

May 10
Segal Theatre, 6:00-9:00pm

Screening and panel: United in Anger: The History of ACT-UP!  With Jim Hubbard, (Director & Writer), Sarah Schulman (Distinguished Professor of English/CSI) , and David Gerstner (Professor of Media Culture/CSI & Theatre and Film Studies/CUNY GC). 

A History of ACT UP is an inspiring documentary about the birth and life of the AIDS activist movement from the perspective of the people in the trenches fighting the epidemic. Utilizing oral histories of members of ACT UP, as well as rare archival footage, the film depicts the efforts of ACT UP as it battles corporate greed, social indifference, and government negligence.

Sponsored by the Cinema Studies Group, The CUNY Advocate, and the Film Studies Certificate Program

May 24
Room C-419, 5:30pm

Film Studies Certificate Program's End of the Semester Meeting: Updates on Film Studies programs for the upcoming year; a tribute to Roger Ebert with a screening of his (and Russ Meyer's) Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Sponsored by the Film Studies Certificate Program