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On-Line Renaissance Journals and Newsletters/Conferences

Renaissance Forum, University of Hull, UK

Milton Review Exemplaria (a journal of theory in Medieval and Renaissance studies)

Montaigne Studies (Chicago)

Early Modern England Source (EMES)Upcoming Conferences and On-line References


Renaissance Authors and Texts/Images

Luminarium (Anniina Jokinen) Individual Author Sites available

Erasmus of Rotterdam Society Edmund Spenser Home Page (Oregon)

The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe (Perseus Project, Tufts)

Plays of Thomas Middleton (Chris Cleary)

Sir Thomas Browne (James Eason, Univ. of Chicago)

The Abraham Cowley Text and Image Archive (Daniel Kinney, Virginia)

The Perdita Project (digitized MSS from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries)

Alciato's Book of Emblems Pre-1600 English Ballads Renaissance Dante in Print (Notre Dame)

Montpellier Early Modern English Documents (MEMED) Resource page for various electronic texts

Florimene at the Court of Charles I (University of Washington) An animated exploration and reconstruction of Inigo Jones' great court masque.

Shakespeare's Globe

Aemilia Lanyer

Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Century Sonnets

Elizabethan Sonneteers

A Celebration of Women Writers 1601-1700

Mary Wroth: Bibliography


Renaissance Research Centres, Organizations, Libraries and Institutes

Renaissance Society of America

Mina Rees Library (CUNY Graduate Center) Renaissance Links

Center for Renaissance and Reformation Studies, University of Toronto

Warburg Institute

British Library Public Catalog

Folger Institute

Records of Early English Drama(REED)

Medieval Renaissance Drama Society


Research Sites

The Milton-L Home Page Devoted to the life, literature, and times of John Milton

Early Modern English Dictionaries Database (EMEDD)

EDICTA: Early Dictionaries/Dictionnaires Anciens

IPL Online Literary Criticism References on-line criticism organized by period.

The Forest of Rhetoric ("a guide to the terms of classical and Renaissance rhetoric"; Gideon Burton, BYU)

Renaissance Texts (guide to on-line resources, John Tinkler, Towson)

Margaret Cavendish Bibliography (James Fitzmaurice, Northern Arizona Univ.)

Malaspina Great Books Home Page

bibliotheca augustana

Bibliography of Rhetoric not just the Renaissance



The Gunpowder Plot Pages A page of history and images surrounding the plot