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Arrivals and Departures


Arrivals and Departures

Welcome New Students (Fall 2013)

  • Vaiva Aglinskas
  • Nadia Augustyniak
  • Janine Billadello
  • Caitlyn Bolton
  • Emma Cancelliere
  • Rosalina Diaz
  • Steven Esposito
  • Jessie Fredlund
  • Cara Frissell
  • Lais Gomes Duarte
  • Ishan Gordon
  • Lisa Jahn
  • Elaine Kozma
  • Raquel Lamela Lopez
  • Rom Lewkowicz   
  • Derek Ludovici
  • Theodor Maghrak
  • Sarah Molinari
  • Emanuel Moss
  • Heesun Nam
  • Christian Pacheco
  • Kristen Ramirez
  • Anne Spice

Congratulations Recent Graduates (June 2013 Commencement)

  • Raja Abillama
    The Marital State: Personal Status Laws, Discourses of Reform, and Secularism in Lebanon
  • Ujvil Aggarwal
    Public Education in the United States: The Production of a Normative Cultural Logic of Inequality Through Choice
  • Rebecca L. De Guzman
    ‘You Owe it to Each Other’: Race & The Production of Knowledge in AIDS Clinical Trials (ACTs) Recruitment
  • Esin Egit
    The “Modern and Independent” Women of Generation 1980: Self and Subjectivity Among Secular, Middle-Class Women in Istanbul, Turkey
  • M. Patricia Lee
    Analysis of the Carl Lumholtz Collection of Casas Grandes Ceramic Artifacts at the American Museum of Natural History
  • Martha Louise Lincoln
    The Causes of Cholera: Public Health in Post-Transition Vietnam
  • Shea McManus
    The Politics of Transition: Time, History, and Justice in Postwar Lebanon
  • Nada Moumtaz
    Modernizing Charity, Remaking Islamic Law
  • Edward Sammons
    Much Too Much Selfishness: Neoliberalism and the Practice of Freedom in a Jamaican Farmtown
  • Sarah Wendolyn Williams
    The Digital Diaspora in Sunset Park: Information and Communication Technologies in Brooklyn’s Chinatown