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Mona Hadler
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD, Columbia University, 1977
Research Interests: 20th-century European and American Painting and Sculpture

Professor of 20th-century European and American Painting and Sculpture

Professor Mona Hadler is also on the faculty at Brooklyn College. She has written on the art of Lee Bontecou in many venues, including an essay for the traveling Bontecou retrospective shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2003. She has also published on New York art and visual culture of the fifties including essays on Abstract Expressionists William Baziotes and David Hare, and articles on the relation of jazz and the visual arts, the postwar artistic response to nuclear explosions, and most recently on the Pontiac hood ornaments of that era.


Rites of Destruction: Ephemerality and Demolition in Postwar Visual Culture, London; I B Tauris, forthcoming, Fall, 2016

“Lee Bontecou and Drawing: From the Real to the Strange,” Woman’s Art Journal,  35, no 1 (Spring/Summer 2014): 23-32

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Co-editor, Art Journal, Winter 1994 issue on postwar sculpture.