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Faculty members of the program are full-time doctoral faculty members from Brooklyn and Hunter Colleges.  In addition, faculty members from other CUNY campuses, including Queens College and The Graduate Center are included in this distinct and accomplished roster of academicians.  Clinical supervision will be provided by certified and licensed audiologists experienced in all aspects of audiology.

Bergen, Michael
Clinical Audiology, supervision, counseling
Calleja, Kaitlin E.
Cascella, Paul
Developmental disabilities, stuttering, phonology, and augmentative and alternative communication
Emmer, Michele B.
audiologic assessment, hearing science, medical audiology, pediatric audiology
Gelfand, Stanley A.
Diagnostic audiology, Speech perception, Hearing conservation, Aural rehabilitation
Long, Glenis
Hearing Science, Psychoacoustics, Otoacoustic Emissions
Martin, Brett A.
Auditory evoked potentials; pediatric audiology
Neave-DiToro, Dorothy
Diagnostic Audiology, Aural Rehabilitation
Rubinstein, Adrienne
Hearing Aids, Aural rehabiltation, speech recognition
Salus, Helen R.
Silverman, Carol A.
Vogel, Donald A.
Business and ethics, pediatric audiology and language, audiometric graphics
Weinstein, Barbara E.
Hearing loss in the elderly, outcomes assessment, evidence based practice, hearing screening, handicap assessment
Wissner, Matilda
Diagnostic Audiology, Central Auditory Processing Disorders,Hearing aids, Aural rehabilitation
Wortsman, Susan
Diagnostic Audiology

Doctoral Adjunct Faculty: The Graduate Center

Galatioto, Jessica
amplification, audiologic/vestibular assessment, auditory evoked potentials
Sirow, Lynn
amplification, central auditory processing disorders, geriatric audiology, private practice issues, professional issues