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Schulz, Horst
Metabolism and Enzymology of Fatty Acid Oxidation.
Shen, Chang-Hui
the role of chromatin structure in gene expression and the regulatory pathway of phospholipid biosynthesis.
Short, Timothy
Light signaling, physiology, development, and molecular biology in plants. Plant biotechnology.
Simms, Simon
regulation of chemotaxis in bacteria.
Singh, Shaneen M.
application of computational approaches to gain insight into cellular signal transduction pathways; normal and aberrant functioning of domains contained in proteins that function in a variety of biological processes..
Small, Yolanda
conformational changes and binding interactions in complex biomolecules, molecular dynamics, protein simulations, bioenergetics, physical biochemistry.
Spatz, Linda
lupus; regulation of anti-DNA antibodies.
Stark, Ruth
molecular biophysics of lipid transport; structure and development of protective plant polymers; molecular structure of fungal melanins; solid- and solution-state nuclear magnetic resonance methodology
Steinberg, Mark
mechanisms of malignant transformation in human cells.
Studamire, Barbara
protein biochemistry, cell culture, viral and host protein interactions, and molecular biology.
Tomasz, Maria
Interaction of Drugs with DNA.
Vazquez, Maribel
microfluidic systems and nanotechnology; cancer infiltration in the brain; and connective tissue repair.
Wallace, Margaret
identification of botanical and entomological species using amplified fragment length polymorphism, detection of single nucletotide polymorphsms using high resolution melting point analysis, and microbial forensics.
Weinstein, Daniel
elucidating the signaling mechanisms underlying germ layer formation and patterning in the vertebrate embryo.
Wurtzel, Eleanore
interdisciplinary combination of biotechnology, bioinformatics, structural biology, and systems biology in basic research leading to metabolic engineering strategies and tools needed to solvie a global health problem of vitamin A deficiency.
Xie, Lei
Systems pharmacology, causal genotype-phenotype association, protein dynamics and kinetics, structure-based drug design, and bioinformatics.
Xu, Yujia
using recombinant collagen triple helix as a model system to explore: the determining factors that govern the higher level molecular assembly of proteins and other biomolecules and their applications in nanotechnology.
Young, Kurtzman
understanding the role of water in molecular recognition.
Zakeri, Zahra
regulation of gene expression in aging and cell death.
Zheng, Zhi-Liang
carbon and nitrogen nutrient balance signaling in plants; OSU1-mediated C/N balance signaling; novel components in C-N-S cross-talk ; role of hormones in nutrient signaling; and control of cytoskeletal organization in root hair-mediated nutrient uptake and response.
Zhong, Hualin
regulation of gene expression and nuclear transport.
Displaying results 101-121 (of 121)
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