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Brooklyn College

Forest, Charlene - Membrane adhesion and fusion during mating of unicellular algae
Gavin, Ray H. - Cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, basal body component
Grasso, Frank W. - Conducting research into the neural, ecological & behavioral foundations.
Ikui, Amy E. - Molecular mechanism of cell division using budding yeast as a model system
Lipke, Peter N. - Role of functional amyloids in cell adhesion; cell surface architecture in yeast
Marra, John F. - Phytoplankton ecology, ocean productivity, food resources from the ocean
Muth, Theodore R. - Host pathogen interaction bacterium
Polle, Juergen E.W. - Physiology and biotechnology of microalgae
Quadri, Luis E. N. - Genetics and biochemistry of cell-wall component and secondary metabolite biosynthesis in clinically-relevant mycobacteria
Saxena, Anjana D. - Nucleolar stress factors, cell cycle regulators, tumor suppressor pathways, ribosome biogenesis, RNA metabolism
Singh, Shaneen M. - Bioinformatics, computational biology
Studamire, Barbara - Identify and characterize host factors that interact with retroviral integrase and modulate the results of viral integration