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City College of New York

Amarasingham, Asohan
Neural circuits and their models, neural coding, statistics of neurophysiological signals
Anderson, Robert P.
Developing GIS-based methods of modeling species geographic ranges using occurrence records and environmental data.
Berkov, Amy C.
Tropical plant - insect interactions and urban botany
Bikson, Marom
Neural engineering, electric field-neuronal interactions, epilepsy, medical devices
Caplan, Avrom J.
CUNY Associate University Dean for Research
Carnaval, Ana Carolina O. Q.
Evolutionary biogeography, biodiversity studies, herpetology, amphibian chytridiomycosis
Edelman, Jay Alan
Guidance of eye movements by vision, memory and cognition
Emerson, Mark M.
Cone photoreceptor development; Cis-regulatory elements in neuronal development and transcriptional specificity.
Gardner, Kevin
Govind, Shubha
Signal transduction in drosophila pattern formation and immunity
Gunner, Marilyn R.
Plant biophysics: electron transfer reactions in photosynthesis
Hickerson, Michael J.
comparative phylogeography, population genetics, computational biology
Hubbard, Karen
Cellular senscence and immortalization
Janakiraman, Anuradha
Bacterial cell biology: molecular genetics of bacterial cell division.
Koder, Ronald L.
Synthetic biology, computational protein/enzyme design
Lee, John J.
Marine microbiology ecology, symbiosis, dinoflagellates
Levitt, Jonathan
Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy of the central visual pathways, organization and development of mammalian cerebral cortex
Li, Christine
Understanding how different chemicals in the nervous system affect behavior. Using genetic model systems to understand neurodegenerative diseases
Lohman, David J.
Ecology, evolution, and conservation of insects and other volant animals in Southeast Asia
McDonald, Kyle C.
Oviedo, Hysell
Function and dysfunction of auditory circuits
Parra, Lucas
Probabilistic modeling of neuronal signals with particular focus on real-time neuro imaging
Pezzano, Mark
Immunology T-cell development
Rockwell, Robert F.
Population ecology, population genetics, conservation biology
Rodriguez-Contreras, Adrian
Role of neural activity and early sensory experience in the development of auditory circuits involved in sound localization in rodents
Rumschitzki, David S.
Saleque, Shireen
Genetic and epigenetic processes regulating hematopoietic stem and progenitor programs and function
Sircar, Ratna
Developmental neuroplasticity; neurobiology of learning and memory
Stark, Ruth E.
Structure and development of protective plant polymers; molecular biophysics of lipid metabolism; molecular structure and assembly of fungal melanins; nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Steinberg, Mark
Mechanisms of malignant transformation in human cells
Vuong, Bao Q.
Molecular mechanisms that regulate immunoglobulin gene diversification and genome stability