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Angulo, Jesus A.
Bargonetti, Jill
Molecular biology of tumor suppressor P53
Bratu, Diana P.
Fluorescence microscopy, nanoprobes, dynamic processes of nucleic acids, post-transcriptional control of gene expression with implications in disease
Braun, Christopher
Function and evolution of auditory and hydrodynamic senses in fishes
Brazill, Derrick T.
Extracellular factors regulating cell behavior
Feinstein, Paul G.
Molecular cellular development
Figueiredo-Pereira, Maria
Neurodegeneration: focus on the field of protein degradation
Gilbert, Christopher C.
Goldfarb, Mitchell
Sodium channel structure/function/modulation, synaptic transmission and autism
Goss, Dixie J.
Translational control of protein synthesis in plants
Harding, Cheryl
Psychoneuroimmunology: Effects of environmental mold on brain and behavior
Hauber, Mark E.
Behavioral ecology of birds, brood parasitism, color vision and bioacoustics, conservation, evolution of mating systems
Holford, Mandë
Chemical Marine Biology: An evolutionary roadmap to the discovery and characterization of novel neuropeptides from marine organisms.
Kleiman, Frida
Coordinated response to DNA damage by transcription, RNA processing and DNA repair factors, and their contribution to the risk of getting breast cancer
Lim, Hyungsik
Multiphoton microscopy of live tissue, biomedical instrumentation
Loayza, Diego
Telomere function in human cells.
Luine, Victoria
Neurochemistry of sexual behavior, aging and memory
Melendez-Vasquez, Carmen Violeta
Glial cell biology, myelination, cytoskeleton
Ortiz, Benjamin D.
Chromatin, gene regulation and immune system development
Qiu, Weigang
Microbes, genomics, population genetics, evolution, and bioinformatics
Quinones-Jenab, Vanya
Drug abuse, hormonal effects on behaviors and intracellular mechanisms, gender differences in drug abuse and pain responses.
Raper, Jayne
Host pathogen interactions: parasites and bacteria
Raps, Shirley
Cyanobacterial plasmid toxins and phycobilisomes toxins
Rockwell, Patricia Boyle
Signal transduction pathways
Rothman, Jessica M.
Nutritional Ecology; Primate Ecology and Behavior
Schmidt-Glenewinkel, Thomas
Biochemistry and molecular biology of neurotransmitter receptors
Tchernichovski, Ofer
The use of songbirds to study mechanisms of vocal learning
Xie, Lei
Multi-scale modeling and simulation of genotype-phenotype associations and drug actions, polypharmacology and structure-based drug design
Zeigler, H. Philip
Somatosensorimotor integration and behavior
Zhong, Hualin
Molecular and cell biology/study the mechanisms of nuclear transport