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Queens College

Baker, Mitchell B.
Behavior, ecology and evolution
Bird, Jeffrey A.
Ecosystem ecology, soil C and N cycling, soil microbial ecology, plant-microbial interactions, and mechanisms of soil C and N stabilization
Bodnar, Richard
Neuropharmacology of analgesia and ingestion
Boissinot, St├ęphane
Molecular evolution and comparative genomics
Brumberg, Joshua
Electrophysiology, imaging and anathomy of cortical circuits in the rodent somatosensoty cortex, in vivo and in vitro.
Dennehy, John J.
Bacteriophage evolutionary ecology
Holtzman, Nathalia
Developmental genetics and organ morphogenesis in Zebrafish
Lahti, David C.
Evolutionary and behavioral ecology, especially the evolution of complex and learned traits in birds and humans
Ma, Pokay
Structure, functional relationships, development of the nervous system
Melendez, Alicia
Molecular and genetics study of autophagy in C. Elegans.
Pytte, Carolyn
Function and regulation of new neurons born in the post-embryonic brain, particularly in adulthood
Rotenberg, Susan A.
Biochemistry and cell biology of protein Kinase C
Savage-Dunn, Cathy
Development and molecular genetics of caenorhabditis elegans
Stewart, Gillian
Biogeochemistry, radioecology, trace metal and elemental cycling, plankton physiology, food web ecology, carbon flux and sequestration
Swedell, Larissa
Primate social behavior, primate ecology, primate evolution, baboons
Waldman, John R.
Historical ecology and conservation biology of anadromous fishes; environmental history and management of urban waterways
Weinstein, Daniel C.
Signaling mechanisms underlying germ layer formation and suppression in the early vertebrate embryo
Zakeri, Zahra F.
Regulation of cell death in development aging