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Anderson, Robert P.
Developing GIS-based methods of modeling species geographic ranges using occurrence records and environmental data.
Arenas-Mena, Cesar
Multipotency and developmental gene regulatory networks
Barrowclough, George F.
Ornithology, systematics, population genetic
Beaton, Laura L.
Plant Evolutionary Ecology
Boissinot, Stéphane
Molecular evolution and comparative genomics
Burbrink, Frank T.
Molecular and morphological phylogenetics
Carnaval, Ana Carolina O. Q.
Evolutionary biogeography, biodiversity studies, herpetology, amphibian chytridiomycosis
Chamberlain, John A.
Cephalopod paleobiology and evolution; fossil chondrichthyans; functional morphology
Delson, Eric
Paleoanthropology, cranio-dental morphology of higher primates
Dennehy, John J.
Bacteriophage evolutionary ecology
Desalle, Rob
Systematic analysis; evolution of drosophilids
Flynn, John
Vertebrate paleontology, mammalian evolution, systematics
Forlano, Paul M.
Behavioral neuroendocrinology, cellular and molecular neuroethology of vocal-acoustic communication in fishes, comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy
Ghirlanda, Stefano
Evolution and neural mechanisms of behavior - especially learning, stimulus processing, and organization of behavior in time
Gruber, David F.
Microbial ecology, marine biogeochemistry, coral reef ecology
Hauber, Mark E.
Behavioral ecology of birds, brood parasitism, color vision and bioacoustics, conservation, evolution of mating systems
Hickerson, Michael J.
comparative phylogeography, population genetics, computational biology
Holford, Mandë
Chemical Marine Biology: An evolutionary roadmap to the discovery and characterization of novel neuropeptides from marine organisms.
Lahti, David C.
Evolutionary and behavioral ecology, especially the evolution of complex and learned traits in birds and humans
Lohman, David J.
Ecology, evolution, and conservation of insects and other volant animals in Southeast Asia
Manne, Lisa L.
Impact of climate and competition on species' abundances. Biogeography. Spatial patterns of biodiversity. Climate change research
Meng, Jin
Morphology evolution and systematics of mammals
Naro-Maciel , Eugenia
Conservation genetics and molecular evolution with a focus on turtles and marine organisms, conservation biology, protected areas, and turtle ecology.
Perkins, Susan L.
Systematics, biogeography, and evolutionary studies of parasites and symbionts including malaria parasites, edosymbiotic bacteria of bloodfeeding leeches and St. Louis encephalitis viruses.
Plunkett, Gregory M.
Vascular plant systematics using molecular and structural data, with an emphasis on the dicot order Apiales (e.g. Araliaceae and Apiaceae); biogeography of plants from the Pacific and Indian ocean basin
Qiu, Weigang
Microbes, genomics, population genetics, evolution, and bioinformatics
Stiassny, Melanie L.J.
Ichthyology, systematics and evolution
Wahlert, John H.
Mammology, evolution of rodentia, dental histology and morphology
Wilson, Tony
Sexual Selection and Speciation in Aquatic Systems