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Anderson, Robert P.
Developing GIS-based methods of modeling species geographic ranges using occurrence records and environmental data.
Barrowclough, George F.
Ornithology, systematics, population genetic
Cracraft, Joel
Ornithology; systematics; biodiversity
Desalle, Rob
Systematic analysis; evolution of drosophilids
Meng, Jin
Morphology evolution and systematics of mammals
Perkins, Susan L.
Systematics, biogeography, and evolutionary studies of parasites and symbionts including malaria parasites, edosymbiotic bacteria of bloodfeeding leeches and St. Louis encephalitis viruses.
Schaefer, Scott Allen
Systematics, evolutionary morphology of freshwater fish
Siddall, Mark E.
Parisitology: phylogeny of leeches
Simmons, Nancy Bingham
Mammalian systematics