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Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior

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Alter, S. Elizabeth - Marine metagenomics, molecular evolution and population genetics of marine organisms including fishes and marine mammals; environmental DNA techniques for monitoring marine biodiversity; reconstructing evolutionary and demographic histories using genetic data; molecular adaptation to anthropogenic disturbances in marine environments.
Anderson, Robert P. - Developing GIS-based methods of modeling species geographic ranges using occurrence records and environmental data.
Arenas-Mena, Cesar - Multipotency and developmental gene regulatory networks
Baker, Mitchell B. - Behavior, ecology and evolution
Barrowclough, George F. - Ornithology, systematics, population genetic
Basil, Jennifer A. - sensory ecology of marine vertebrates
Beaton, Laura L. - Plant Evolutionary Ecology
Berkov, Amy C. - Tropical plant - insect interactions and urban botany
Bird, Jeffrey A. - Ecosystem ecology, soil C and N cycling, soil microbial ecology, plant-microbial interactions, and mechanisms of soil C and N stabilization
Blair, Christopher - Molecular Systematics, Phylogeography, Landscape Genetics, Biogeography, Herpetology
Braun, Christopher - Function and evolution of auditory and hydrodynamic senses in fishes
Burbrink, Frank T. - Molecular and morphological phylogenetics
Carnaval, Ana Carolina O. Q. - Evolutionary biogeography, biodiversity studies, herpetology, amphibian chytridiomycosis
Carpenter, James M. - Phylogenetic relationships, taxonomy and behavior of hymenoptera
Chamberlain, John A. - Cephalopod paleobiology and evolution; fossil chondrichthyans; functional morphology
Cracraft, Joel - Ornithology; systematics; biodiversity
Dennehy, John J. - Bacteriophage evolutionary ecology
Desalle, Rob - Systematic analysis; evolution of drosophilids
Draghi, Jeremy -
Flynn, John - Vertebrate paleontology, mammalian evolution, systematics
Forlano, Paul M. - Behavioral neuroendocrinology, cellular and molecular neuroethology of vocal-acoustic communication in fishes, comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy
Ghirlanda, Stefano - Evolution and neural mechanisms of behavior - especially learning, stimulus processing, and organization of behavior in time
Gilbert, Christopher C. -
Gosnell, J. Stephen - causes and consequences of ecological diversity; nature resrouce management
Grasso, Frank W. - Conducting research into the neural, ecological & behavioral foundations.
Grimaldi, David A. - Entomology, systematics of diptera, insect fossils
Gruber, David F. - Microbial ecology, marine biogeochemistry, coral reef ecology
Hauber, Mark E. - Behavioral ecology of birds, brood parasitism, color vision and bioacoustics, conservation, evolution of mating systems
Hickerson, Michael J. - comparative phylogeography, population genetics, computational biology
Holford, Mandë - Chemical Marine Biology: An evolutionary roadmap to the discovery and characterization of novel neuropeptides from marine organisms.
Lahti, David C. - Evolutionary and behavioral ecology, especially the evolution of complex and learned traits in birds and humans
Lee, John J. - Marine microbiology ecology, symbiosis, dinoflagellates
Lohman, David J. - Ecology, evolution, and conservation of insects and other volant animals in Southeast Asia
Maisey, John G. - Fossil fishes especially sharks and cretaceous fishes
Manne, Lisa L. - Impact of climate and competition on species' abundances. Biogeography. Spatial patterns of biodiversity. Climate change research
Marra, John F. - Phytoplankton ecology, ocean productivity, food resources from the ocean
Meng, Jin - Morphology evolution and systematics of mammals
Munshi-South, Jason - Ecology, behavior, and genetics of vertebrates in disturbed landscapes; conservation biology, especially of tropical mammals
Naro-Maciel , Eugenia - Conservation genetics and molecular evolution with a focus on turtles and marine organisms, conservation biology, protected areas, and turtle ecology.
Novacek, Michael - Systematics, paleontology
Perkins, Susan L. - Systematics, biogeography, and evolutionary studies of parasites and symbionts including malaria parasites, edosymbiotic bacteria of bloodfeeding leeches and St. Louis encephalitis viruses.
Prendini, Lorenzo - Empirical study of phylogeny, macroevolution, speciation, biogeography, and comparative evolutionary biology, using scorpions and minor arachnid orders as model organisms.
Qiu, Weigang - Microbes, genomics, population genetics, evolution, and bioinformatics
Rachlin, Joseph - Fisheries science, resource partitioning, aquatic toxicology
Rockwell, Robert F. - Population ecology, population genetics, conservation biology
Rothman, Jessica M. - Nutritional Ecology; Primate Ecology and Behavior
Schaefer, Scott Allen - Systematics, evolutionary morphology of freshwater fish
Siddall, Mark E. - Parisitology: phylogeny of leeches
Simmons, Nancy Bingham - Mammalian systematics
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