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Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

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Pezzano, Mark
Immunology T-cell development
Polle, Juergen E.W.
Physiology and biotechnology of microalgae
Quadri, Luis E. N.
Genetics and biochemistry of cell-wall component and secondary metabolite biosynthesis in clinically-relevant mycobacteria
Raper, Jayne
Host pathogen interactions: parasites and bacteria
Raps, Shirley
Cyanobacterial plasmid toxins and phycobilisomes toxins
Redenti, Stephen M.
Stem cell physiology, development and tissue engineering
Rockwell, Patricia Boyle
Signal transduction pathways
Rodriguez-Contreras, Adrian
Role of neural activity and early sensory experience in the development of auditory circuits involved in sound localization in rodents
Rotenberg, Susan A.
Biochemistry and cell biology of the motility signaling pathway in human cancer cells
Rumschitzki, David S.
Saleque, Shireen
Genetic and epigenetic processes regulating hematopoietic stem and progenitor programs and function
Sauane, Moira
Study the molecular biology of anti-cancer genes that with the goal of improving outcomes of therapeutic strategies for cancer and discovering new therapeutic strategies that can complement with existing ones
Savage-Dunn, Cathy
Development and molecular genetics of caenorhabditis elegans
Saxena, Anjana D.
Nucleolar stress factors, cell cycle regulators, tumor suppressor pathways, ribosome biogenesis, RNA metabolism
Schmidt-Glenewinkel, Thomas
Biochemistry and molecular biology of neurotransmitter receptors
Schvarzstein, Mara
Molecular, Cellular and genetics study of chromosome and centrosome inheritance during meiosis and the early embryonic divisions in C. elegans.
Shen, Chang-Hui
Mechanism of transcriptional activation Regulation of pH and copper homeostasis Control of phospholipid biosynthesis
Singh, Shaneen M.
Bioinformatics, computational biology
Small, Gillian
CUNY Vice-Chancellor for Research
Spatz, Linda
Lupus, regulation of anti-DNA antibodies
Spokony, Rebecca
Hormonal control of development
Steinberg, Mark
Mechanisms of malignant transformation in human cells
Studamire, Barbara
Identify and characterize host factors that interact with retroviral integrase and modulate the results of viral integration
Torrente, Mariana P.
investigating the molecular mechanisms underpinning neurodegenerative and psychiatric disease, with an emphasis in epigenetics and protein folding
Vuong, Bao Q.
Molecular mechanisms that regulate immunoglobulin gene diversification and genome stability
Weinstein, Daniel C.
Signaling mechanisms underlying germ layer formation and suppression in the early vertebrate embryo
Wurtzel, Eleanore T.
Molecular and structural biology studies on plant biochemical pathways to provide knowledge and tools for developing sustainable solutions to worldwide vitamin A deficiency and malnutrition and meeting the challenges of global food security in the face of climate change
Xie, Lei
Multi-scale modeling and simulation of genotype-phenotype associations and drug actions, polypharmacology and structure-based drug design
Zakeri, Zahra F.
Regulation of cell death in development aging
Zhong, Hualin
Molecular and cell biology/study the mechanisms of nuclear transport
Displaying results 51-80 (of 80)
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