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Parra, Lucas
Probabilistic modeling of neuronal signals with particular focus on real-time neuro imaging
Ploog, Bertram
Experimental and applied behavior analysis
Pytte, Carolyn
Function and regulation of new neurons born in the post-embryonic brain, particularly in adulthood
Quinones-Jenab, Vanya
Drug abuse, hormonal effects on behaviors and intracellular mechanisms, gender differences in drug abuse and pain responses.
Ranaldi, Robert
Neuroscience and behavioral techniques to investigate roles of specific neural mechanisms in learning
Ro, Tony
Neural mechanisms of perception, attention, and action
Rodriguez-Contreras, Adrian
Role of neural activity and early sensory experience in the development of auditory circuits involved in sound localization in rodents
Tchernichovski, Ofer
The use of songbirds to study mechanisms of vocal learning
Venkatesh, Tadmiri
Development of the drosophila eye
Wang, Hoau -Yan
Molecular mechanism, pathophsiology & neurodegenerative diseases
Wen, Guang
Alzheimer's disease pathology
Wieraszko, Andrzej
Synaptic plasticity in the brain
Yang, Song-Yu
Neuroscience, molecular biology, biochemistry, medicine
Yu, Wan-Hua
Neuronal response to axonal injury
Zeigler, H. Philip
Somatosensorimotor integration and behavior
Displaying results 51-65 (of 65)
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