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Hauber, Mark E.
Behavioral ecology of birds, brood parasitism, color vision and bioacoustics, conservation, evolution of mating systems
Hauber, Mark E.
Behavioral ecology of birds, brood parasitism, color vision and bioacoustics, conservation, evolution of mating systems
He, Qi
Molecular biology of central nervous system development
Henderson, Andrew J.
Systematics, floristics, and ecology of new world palms
Henderson, Ann S.
Repetitive DNA in human chromosomes
Hendrey, George
Phylogeography; population genetics modeling
Hickerson, Michael J.
comparative phylogeography, population genetics, computational biology
Holford, Mandë
Chemical Marine Biology: An evolutionary roadmap to the discovery and characterization of novel neuropeptides from marine organisms.
Holtzman, Nathalia
Developmental genetics and organ morphogenesis in Zebrafish
Hoskins, Sally Gail
Molecular Neurobiology
Hua, Shao-Ying
Speed of interneuronal communication
Hubbard, Karen
Cellular senscence and immortalization
Hwang , Yu-Wen
Structure and function of GTP-binding proteins
Ikui, Amy E.
Molecular mechanism of cell division using budding yeast as a model system
Iqbal, Khalid
Neurobiology of Alzheimer
Janakiraman, Anuradha
Bacterial cell biology: molecular genetics of bacterial cell division.
Jarroll, Edward L.
Cellular differentiation of medically important parasitic protozoans from trophozoites to cysts (encystment) especially as it applied to cyst formation and drug therapies to inhibit such pathways
Jenkins, Edmund
The study of telomere length in people with Down syndrome with and without mild cognitive impairment and/or dementia (Alzheimer's Disease)
Jones, Liesl B.
Morphological alterations in cortex of schizoph
Juarez, Michelle T.
Using Drosophila as a model organism to determine the molecular and cellular mechanisms that localize an epidermal response to injury and infection.
Junaid, Mohammed A.
Changes in gene expression in neurodegeneration
Karmel, Bernard Z.
Infant nervous and behavioral development
Karol, Kenneth G.
Green algal systematics and evolution, comparative organellon genomics
Kashfi, Khosrow
Dietary regulation of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes
Kelly, Lawrence M.
Angiosperm systematics and flouristics
Kelly, Simon P.
Perception, decision making, attention
Kennelly, Edward
Phytochemistry: medicinal plants
Kest, Benjamin
Pain and analgesia, opioid tolerance and dependence
Kincaid, Dwight T.
Physiological ecology
Kleiman, Frida
Coordinated response to DNA damage by transcription, RNA processing and DNA repair factors, and their contribution to the risk of getting breast cancer
Knikou, Maria
Human neural basis of motor control, spinal neuronal circuits, electromagnetic stimulation of the central nervous system, neuronal plasticity, recovery of neurological disorders
Koder, Ronald L.
Synthetic biology, computational protein/enzyme design
Kottmann, Andreas H.
Understanding the regulation of structural plasticity in the adult brain during motor learning and memory; neurogenesis; molecular etiology of progressive neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease and ALS.
Lahti, David C.
Evolutionary and behavioral ecology, especially the evolution of complex and learned traits in birds and humans
L'Amoreaux, William J.
Neuroendocrine control of glucose homeostasis
Lee, John J.
Marine microbiology ecology, symbiosis, dinoflagellates
Levinger, Louis F.
Drosophila and human mitochondrial RNA end-processing
Levitt, Jonathan
Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy of the central visual pathways
Li, Christine
Understanding how different chemicals in the nervous system affect behavior. Using genetic model systems to understand neurodegenerative diseases
Lim, Hyungsik
Multiphoton microscopy of live tissue, biomedical instrumentation
Lipke, Peter N.
Role of functional amyloids in cell adhesion; cell surface architecture in yeast
Litt, Amy
Molecular mechanisms; plant genomics
Little, Damon P.
Plant systematics and character evolution, bioinformatics
Loayza, Diego
Telomere function in human cells.
Lohman, David J.
Ecology, evolution, and conservation of insects and other volant animals in Southeast Asia
Luine, Victoria
Neurochemistry of sexual behavior, aging and memory
Ma, Pokay
Structure, functional relationships, development of the nervous system
MacNeil, Margaret
Neuroanatomy of microcircuits within the inner retina
Maisey, John G.
Fossil fishes especially sharks and cretaceous fishes
Manne, Lisa L.
Impact of climate and competition on species' abundances. Biogeography. Spatial patterns of biodiversity. Climate change research
Displaying results 101-150 (of 257)
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