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Alexander Greer
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College|CUNY Graduate Center
Phone: 718.951.5000 x2830
Degrees/Diplomas: Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA , Ph.D., University of Wyoming
Research Interests: Organic Chemistry and Photochemistry

Areas of Expertise:

Physical organic chemistry; photooxidation mechanisms; singlet oxygen; preparative-, theoretical- and photochemistry; molecular mechanisms of toxicity; enantiospecific toxicity; antitumor and antifungal compounds; natural products; organism chemical defense mechanisms; natural selection of biological agents; and chemical evolution.

Selected Publications:

Bartusik, D., D. Aebisher, A.M. Lyons and A. Greer. "Bacterial Inactivation by a Singlet Oxygen Bubbler: Identifying Factors Controlling the Toxicity of Singlet O2 Bubbles." Environmental Science & Technology 46: 12098-104. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2012

Bartusik, D., D. Aebisher, B. Ghafari, A.M. Lyons and A. Greer. "Generating Singlet Oxygen Bubbles: A New Mechanism for Gas-Liquid Oxidations in Water." Langmuir 28: 3053-60. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2012

Bartusik, D., D. Aebisher, G. Ghosh, M. Minnis and A. Greer. "Fluorine End-Capped Optical Fibers for Photosensitizer Release and Singlet Oxygen Production." Journal of Organic Chemistry 77: 4557-65. Featured article. (Books and Publications: Forthcoming Publications) 2012

Castillo, Á., L. Lee and A. Greer. "Encapsulation and Convex-face Thiozonolysis of Triatomic Sulfur (S3) with Carbon Nanotubes." Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 25: 42-49. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2012