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Roberto Sanchez-Delgado
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College
Phone: 718.951.5000 x2827
Degrees/Diplomas: Postdoc, University Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg, France); Ph.D., Imperial College, University of London
Research Interests: Inorganic Chemistry Catalysis

Areas of Expertise:

Inorganic/organometallic chemistry. Sánchez-Delgado's current research interests are the discovery of novel metal-based drugs against tropical diseases (malaria, Chagas and leishmaniasis) and cancer, and the development of new catalysts derived from transition metal complexes or nano-particles for reactions related to the production of cleaner fossil fuels or improved biofuels.

Selected Publications:

Demoro, B., C. Sarniguet, R. Sánchez-Delgado, M. Rossi, D. Liebowitz, F. Caruso, C. Olea-Azar, V. Moreno, A. Medeiros, M.A. Comini, L. Otero and D. Gambino. "New Organoruthenium Complexes With Bioactive Thiosemicarbazones as Co-ligands: Potential Anti-trypanosomal Agents." Dalton Transactions 41: 1534-43. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2012

Glans, L., A. Ehnbom, C. de Kock, A. Martínez, J. Estrada, P.J. Smith, M. Haukka, R.A. Sánchez-Delgado and E. Nordlander. "Ruthenium(II) Arene Complexes With Chelating Chloroquine Analogue Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization and in Vitro Antimalarial Activity." Dalton Transactions 41: 2764-73. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2012

Martínez, A., T. Carreon, E. Iniguez, A. Anzellotti, A. Sánchez, M. Tyan, A. Sattler, L. Herrera, R.A. Maldonado and R.A. Sánchez-Delgado. "Searching for New Chemotherapies for Tropical Diseases: Ruthenium-clotrimazole Complexes Display High in Vitro Activity Against Leishmania major and Trypanosoma cruzi and Low Toxicity Toward Normal Mammalian Cells." Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 55: 3867-77. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2012

R. Rahi, M. Fang, A. Ahmed and R. A. Sánchez-Delgado*, Hydrogenation of quinolines, alkenes, and biodiesel by palladium nanoparticles supported on magnesium oxide. Dalton Trans. 2012, 41, 14490-14497 (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2012