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Allen, Joel
Roman Empire
Ancona, Ronnie
Latin literature, especially poetry; Catullus; Horace; Latin pedagogy; women in antiquity.
Clayman, Dee L.
Greek poetry, Hellenistic literature and philosophy
Green, Tamara M.
History of religion
Kim, Jinyo
Greek poetry, Homer
Koehl , Robert
Greek archaeology and ceramics
Kousser, Rachel
Greek and Roman archaeology; Greek sculpture, Roman reception of Greek art; ancient iconoclasm
Kowerski, Lawrence
Greek poetry
Lidov , Joel B.
Early Greek literature, metrics
Roberts, Jennifer T.
Ancient, Ancient Greece
Simpson, Peter
Classical philosophy
Thibodeau, Philip
Augustan poetry; ancient science and technology
Van Sickle, John
Latin poetry, epic-bucolic tradition to Derek Walcott
Williams, Craig
Latin literature; Martial and epigram; Roman sexuality
Yarrow, Liv Mariah
Roman history and numismatics

Emeritus Faculty

Stern, Jacob
Greek Poetry, Mythography, Religion