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Jacob Stern
Position: Professor of Comparative Literature and Classics.
Campus Affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center
Phone: (212) 817-8157
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. Greek and Latin, Columbia University, 1965.
Research Interests: Ancient Greek Epic, Lyric, Tragedy, Hellenistic Poetry, Greek Literature, Religion and Myth.

Teaching areas in Comparative Literature include ancient Greek and Latin language, literature and religion; mythology; myth in post-classical and modern literature. Professor Stern has published on ancient Greek lyric and Hellenistic poetry and on ancient mythology in literary and historical texts. His most recent publications are in the field of mythography: the Greek prose authors who produced collections of mythological narratives and offered allegorical or rationalistic interpretations of their own literary and mythological traditions. At present he is working on an edition of Heraclitus the Paradoxographer, an author in this mythographical tradition.

Selected Publications:

Pindaros und Bakchylides, ed. with W.M. Calder III: Darmstadt, 1970.

Erotika Pathemata: The Love Stories of Parthenius, trans. with notes and afterword: New York, 1992.

Palaephatus: Peri Apiston: On Unbelievable Tales, trans. with introduction and commentary: Waudonda, Il., 1996.

"The Myth of Pindar's Olympian 6," American Journal of Philology 91 (1970) 332-40.

"Theocritus' Epithalamium for Helen," Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire 56 (1978) 29-37.

"The Rationale of Evil in Classical Mythology," in Rationality in Thought and Action, edd. M. Tamny and K.D. Irani: Westport, Ct., 1986, 209-17.

"Demythologization in Herodotus 5.92.eta," Eranos 87 (1989) 13-20.

"Scapegoat Narratives in Herodotus," Hermes 119 (1991) 304-11.

"Herodas, Theocritus and the Urban Mime," Actas Del XIII Simposio Nacional De Estudios Clasicos, vol II: La Plata, Argentina, 1997, 29-38.

"Rationalizing Myth: Methods and Motives in Palaephatus," in From Myth to Reason, ed. R. Buxton: Oxford, 1999, 215-22.