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Basil Lvov
Institution: CUNY Graduate Center
Program: Comparative Literature
Areas of Concentration: literary theory and criticism; genres of literary theory and criticism; Russian Formalism; Mikhail Bakhtin and his circle; theories of genre; theories of literary history; humor
Languages and Literatures: English, Russian, French, Italian
Country of origin: Russia
Publications: “Andrey Bely and Boris Eikhenbaum: ‘Along the Lines of Journal Criticism.’” 100 Years of Russian Formalism. International Congress. Eds. Vyacheslav V. Invanov et al. Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2013.
“By the Way of Dispute.” Voprosy Literatury [Problems of Literature]. No. 2, 2012. [an article on Viktor Shklovsky and Russia avant-garde] 
Publications in the Journalism and the Culture of Russian Speech academic journal of Moscow State University’s School of Journalism:
“Automatized Estrangement: A Critical Essay.” No. 1, 2013.
“Canon Formation in its Relation to Strangeness: Russian Formalism and Harold Bloom.” No. 2, 2012.
“The Twists and Turns of Estrangement.” No. 3, 2011.
“Poetry of John Donne and Joseph Brodsky.” No. 4, 2009.
“The Notion of Estrangement in the Works of V.B. Shklovsky.” No. 2, 2009.