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Theoretical computer science is a division or subset of general computer science and mathematics that focuses on the more abstract or mathematical aspects of computing. It rigorously studies various models of computations such as deterministic and probabilistic, discrete and analogue, sequential and parallel, classical and quantum, biological and chemical. Its main goal is to understand what can be efficiently computed, as in the famous "P vs NP" problem, and how to cope with problems, that are not algorithmically or efficiently solvable. This includes the theory of computation, solvability and unsolvability, logic of programs, formal language theory, and concepts of timing. Current faculty interests include computational geometry, recursion theory, applied logic, and computational complexity.



C Sc 75000  Formal Language Theory
C Sc 85100  Computability Theory
C Sc 85110  Computational Geometry
C Sc 85120  Group Theory, Finite Fields, Linear Algebra
C Sc 85130  Graph Theory
C Sc 85140  Infinitary Computability
C Sc 85150  Solving NP-Complete Problems
C Sc 85160  Formal Methods
C Sc 85170  Computable Model Theory
C Sc 85200  Seminar in Theory (1 credit)
C Sc 85210  Topics in Theory