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Ocejo, Richard E.
Urban sociology and urban theory, culture, cultural economy, community studies, ethnography/qualitative methods, public space, work
Opotow, Susan
Penrod , Steven
Legal Decision Making; Jury Decision Making; Eye Witness Reliability; Media Effects
Petraco, Nicholas D. K.
Sttatistical pattern recognition of trace evidence, Quantum Chemistry, and Mathematical Chemical Physics.
Petrossian, Gohar
Environmental Criminology, Wildlife Crime, Problem-Oriented Policing, Spatial Analysis of Crime
Piza, Eric
GIS Mapping, Evidence-Base Policing, Program Evaluation, Crime Control Technology
Pontell, Henry N.
Deviance and Social Control, White-Collar and Corporate Crime, Punishment and Criminal Justice System Capacity Issues, Financial and Health Care Fraud, Identity Theft, Comparative Criminology, and Cyber Crime
Porter, Jeremy
Research methods/quantitative analysis, social theory, social demography, social inequalities, criminology/criminal justice. the spatial analysis of social data, sociology of religion and urban sociology
Prinz, Mechthild
Forensic Genetics, Forensic Biomarkers, Crime Laboratory Ethics and Quality Assurance
Raghavan, Chitra
Intimiate partner homicide; Intimate partner rape; femicide and Policy, Oversight and Administration
Rajah, Valli
Race and Ethnic Relations, Intimate Partner Violence, Sociological Theory & Substance Use
Reffner, John
Developing microscopy, Microanalysis and imaging technology & Exploring their utility in forensic science
Rubin , Marilyn Marks
Economics and Crime, Measurement of Crime
Salfati , Gabrielle
Offender Profiling; Homicide; Sexual Offences; Research Methodology
Schlesinger , Louis B.
Criminal Behavior & Homicides
Schwester, Richard W.
Public Management, Organization Theory and Management, Research Methods
Shane, Jon M.
Police policy and practice, violent crime, and situational crime prevention. Theoretical interests include routine activities, social disorganization and environmental criminology.
Strozier, Charles
American history with special interests in the history of violence and the new terrorism, psychohistory and Lincoln and the Civil War
Sullivan, Larry
Advanced Criminology; Theory & punishment; Prison Reform
Sung, Hung-En
Substance abuse and its treatments, political corruption, policing, comparative criminal justice, and program evaluation
Terry, Karen
Sexual Abuse, victimization, sex offender policy
Travis, Jeremy
Prisoner Reentry; Criminal Justice Policy; Corrections Policy and Impact of Incarceration
Trimbur , Lucia
race and racisms, gender, urban sociology and inequality, the sociology of crime and punishment, sport, occupational health, and ethnographic field methods
Ungar, Mark
Criminal Justice Policy, Inspection and Oversight
Varsanyi, Monica W.
Immigration Law and Politics in the United States; urban politics; urban and political geography; law and society.
Waring, Elin
White-collar crime
West, Valerie
Criminal Justice, Sociology
Widom, Cathy Spatz
Psychology, Quantitative Research Methods
Yu, Sung-suk Violet
Environmental Criminology, Correctional Health, Spatial Pattern Analysis, Crime Prevention
Zapf , Patricia A.
Forensic Psychology; Competencies (criminal and civil) and Decision Making Capacity; Forensic Assessment; Development and Validation of Forensic Assessment Instruments; Psychometrics; Insanity
Displaying results 51-80 (of 80)
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