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Khandaker, Nazrul I.
Environmental Geology, Geotechnical including Tunnel Geology, Soil Characterization.
Klein, Yehuda L.
Environmental economics, input-output.
Koutavas, Athanasios
Paleoclimate, Paleoceanography, and Global Change.
Krakauer, Nir Y.
Climate and water resources.
Landman, Neil H.
Systematics, Ontogeny, and evolution of late cretaceous ammonoids and modern Nautilus; phylogeny of the ammonoidea.
Langer, Arthur M.
Environmental and health effects of minerals, Geochemistry.
Leung, Irene S.
Mineralogy, Petrology, Crystal chemistry, X-ray mineralogy.
Lewis, Tammy L.
Sustainability, transnational social movements, globalization, service learning.
Low, Setha
Anthropology of space and place; cultural aspects of design; housing and community development, gated communities and "landscapes of fear"; ecology and nature; urban anthropology; qualitative methods; historic/cultural preservation.
Ludman, Allan
Field geology, Metamorphic petrology, Tectonics.
Luo, Johnny Z.
Upper-tropospheric water vapor, clouds and convection; Satellite remote sensing and application in weather and climate; Global climate model (GCM) diagnostics and evaluations.
Maantay, Juliana
Environmental geography, Geographic Information Systems, Urban Health Geography.
Mahani, Shayesteh E.
Hydrological modeling, satellite and air-borne remote sensing.
Markowitz, Steven
Environmental health.
Marra, John
Biological oceanography.
Mathez, Edmond A.
Petrology, Mineralogy.
McDonald, Kyle C.
Remote sensing, terrestrial ecosystems, carbon and water cycles, earth system science.
McHugh, Cecilia M.
Sedimentary petrology, Marine geology, Sedimentology.
Meng, Jin
Vertebrate paleontology.
Menser, Michael
Environmental philosophy, democratic theory, global ethics, social philosophy.
Miyares, Ines A.
Population, Social geography.
Morabia, Alfredo
Moshary, Fred
Remote sensing.
Nehru, Cherukupalli E.
Igneous and metamorphic petrology, Experimental petrology and mineralogy, Meteoritics, Mineral exploration, Environmental geology.
Ni-Meister, Wenge
Remote sensing, Biogeography.
Nolan, Robert P.
Interaction of minerals and biological membranes.
O' Mullan, Gregory D.
Environmental microbiology, water resource management.
Oza, Rupal
Feminist geographical theory, Globalization and gender, Gender and Nationalism, Globalization and labor migration, Religious Nationalism, Regional specialization: South Asia and United States.
Pant, Hari K.
Environmental science/physical geology.
Pavlovskaya, Marianna E.
Urban geography, social theory, post-socialism, feminist geography, GIS (geographic information systems), critical GIS.
Pekar, Stephan
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Climate Change.
Peters, Jonathan R.
Regional planning, road and mass transit financing, corporate and public sector performance metrics, capital costs and performance management.
Popper, Deborah E.
Rural studies, regional geography of the American West. the Buffalo Commons
Powell, Wayne G.
Burgess Shale taphonomy, metamorphosed ore deposits, and geoscience education.
Raia, Federica
Earth Science, Education, Geochemistry.
Ramasubramanian, Laxmi
Urban planning, Participatory GIS, Built environmental-human behavior interactions.
Rosenberger, Alfred L.
Primate evolution and systematics.
Rouff, Ashaki A
Aqueous geochemistry, environmental minerology.
Roytman, Leonid
Environmental remote sensing, systems theory and the stability of multidimensional systems.
Rutberg, Randye L.
Modern and paleo-climate changes, Modern carbon cycling, Isotope geochemistry.
Salmun, Haydee
Oceanography, Hydrology, Climate.
Schreibman, Martin Paul
Comparative Endocrinology, Aquatic Resources.
Seidemann, David E.
Geochemistry, Environmental Geology.
Seley, John E.
GIS, Urban Planning.
Shaw, Frederick C.
Systematic Paleontology, Biostratigraphy, Paleoecology.
Sloan, Heather
Marine geophysics.
Smith, Neil
Urban, Social theory, Political economy.
Solecki, William D.
Environmental hazards, Land use.
Steiner, Jeffrey
Experimental geochemistry, Grantic petrology, Remote sensing.
Stewart, Gillian Meg
Oceanography, Biogeochemistry, Plankton ecology, Natural radionuclide tracers.
Displaying results 51-100 (of 113)
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