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Current Students

Naomi Adiv (Graduate Center)
Research Interests: Urbanism, Public Space, Infrastructure, 'the Community' scale, Pedagogy
Advisor: Setha Low
Campus Affiliation(s): Instructor in Urban Studies at Hunter College

Hector Agredano (Graduate Center)
Research Interests: Transport, Revolution(s), Mexican History, Contemporary Mexico, Marxism, Infrastructure, Narcocultura.
Campus Affiliation(s): Instructor in International Studies at The City College of New York

Philippe Amstislavski,
Advisor: Juliana Maantay
Research Interests: Environmental Epidemiology, Food Environments, Physical activity and Metabolism, Exposures Modeling, Urban Health, GIS

Babette Audant (Graduate Center)
Advisor: Setha Low
Research Interests: Municipal food policy, public markets, food systems, urban development, social theory, urban land use
Campus Affiliation: Instructor at Kingsborough Community College

Matthew Bissen (Graduate Center)
Research Interests: The production of nature in urban cultural development, situated knowledge, spatial representation and everyday life.


Stephen Boatright (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: The Political and Affective Economies of Homeownership. Continental Philosophy.
Advisor: Cindi Katz
Campus Affiliation: Instructor at Hunter College

Jennifer Brisbane (Graduate Center)
Advisor: Juliana Maantay
Research Interests: historical GIS, environmental justice, urban residential segregation, spatial analysis

Morgan L.C. Buck (Graduate Center)
Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore
Research Interests: Rural geography, economic geography, surplus populations, postcolonial Africa, Ghana, Social reproduction


Moira A Conway
 (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Urban geography, economic development, cultural geography, GIS

Jennifer Cox (Hunter College)
Research Interests: Not Specified

GM Culp 
Advisor: Juliana Maantay 
Research Interests: cartographic design, relief cartography, color vision confusion, hazard vulnerability, geographic visualization

Adam Davidson (Graduate Center) 
Advisor: Yehuda Klein
Research Interests: Sustainable transportation, urban planning, bicycle sharing, policy mechanisms that enable infrastructure funding, traveling beyond the commute to work, open-source solutions to accessing public information

Ryan Ehrhart (Graduate Center) 
Advisor: Cindi Katz 
Research Interests: Food sovereignty and food security, agricultural policies and rural development, political ecology, scale, the Philippines

Samuel T. Frank (Graduate Center) 
Advisor: Yehuda Klein
Research Interests: Human & Urban Geography, International Security, Migration/Immigration, Food Systems, Climate Change
Advisor: John Seley
Campus Affiliations: Graduate Center, Hunter College, Queens College 

Bradley Gardener (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Urban Studies, Social Theory, Race & Culture

Debjani Ghatak (Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Cryosphere, Climate, GIS

Rachel Goffe (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Land; livelihood; class, race and gender; state formation and politics; peripheral economies; the caribbean; media for building movements
Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Kristen Grady (Graduate Center, Lehman College) 
Research Interests: Geovisualization, Spatial Analysis, GISc, Cartographic Design, Radical Cartography, Commercial Aviation
Advisor: Juliana Maantay
Campus Affiliation: Instructor in Geography and GIS at Lehman College (Dept. of Environmental, Geographic, and Geological Sciences)

Gordon Green (Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Remote sensing, GIS, spatial software development, lidar applications, vegetation and energy mapping.
Advisor: Sean Ahearn

Lee Hachadoorian (Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Urban economic geography, residential location, urban land value modelling, local public finance, city-suburb relations

Amanda Huron (Graduate Center, Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Urban geography; urban planning; geographies of housing; gentrification; cooperative and shared-equity homeownership; GIS; community mapping.
Advisor: Mariana Pavlovskaya

Hunter Jackson (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: no borders/freedom of movement, migration, anarchist and autonomist theory

Ylli Kellici (Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Spatial Analysis, GIS

Kyeongsu Kim (Graduate Center)
Research Interests: Urban and Economic Geographies, private-public partnerships (PPPs),  sustainable urban transportation planning policy, environmental justice, built environment, economic development, travel behavior and accessibility
Advisor: Tom Angoti

Pyung Ho Kim (Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Transportation Planning, Space-time

Kevin Koy (Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Remote Sensing, GIS, Land Cover Change, Biodiversity Conservation

Shihyan Lee (Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Remote Sensing/GIS

John Leonard (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Cities and Climate Change, Housing Policy, GIS, Urban Sustainability

Hildegaard Link (Graduate Center)
Advisor: Yehuda Klein
Research Interests: Rural/Urban Dynamics, Resource Management, Industrial Ecosystems, Bioregional Sustainability Modeling, Environmental Economics, traditional societies and sustainability

FTC Manning (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Capital, economic geography, land and housing speculation, land rent theory, value, Marx, Hegel, Lacan, reproduction, crisis, uneven geographic development, state-finance nexus, struggle, revolt, The Thermidor
Advisor: David Harvey
Campus Affiliation(s): Instructor at Hunter College

Amanda Matles (Graduate Center)
Research Interests: Politics of social reproduction, liberation education and participatory research, social movements, anti imperialism, feminism, critical cartography, visual research methods, film, video, and geography, subjectivity and urban space, historical materialism, green gentrification
Advisor: Cindi Katz
Campus Affiliation(s): Graduate Center Videography Fellow

Jessica T Miller (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Waterfront redevelopment, gentrification, political ecology, brownfields
Advisor: Ken Gould
Campus Affiliation(s): Instructor at Hunter College

Keith K. Miyake (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Environmental justice, the state, racial capitalism, productions of nature.
Advisor: Ruthie Gilmore 
Campus Affiliation(s): Graduate Center

Katera Moore (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Environmental Justice in Postindustrial Philadelphia, cities, public space, water

George J. Musa (Hunter College), 
Research Interests: Medical Geography, Epidemiology, Mental Health, Risk Perception, GIS

Enrique Lanz Oca (Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Social Theory, Production of Space, Hydro-conflict

Maggie Ornstein (Graduate Center) 
Advisor: Ken Gould
Research Interests: Health geography, specifically, the interaction between family caregivers and formal service providers. The ethic of care and the production of needs as a neoliberal attempt to create market. Urban food systems and composting.

Michael Porter (Hunter College) 
Advisor: Bill Solecki 
Research Interests: Urban Environmental Policy, Environmental Justice, Brownfields, Geographic Information Science, Urban Geography, Instructional Technology

Kate Schlott (Graduate Center)
Research Interests: Population geography, political geography, development and modernization, critical race theory, indigenous space and migrations, Polynesian geographies and Postcolonialism
Advisor: Ines Miyares
Campus Affiliation: Hunter College

Paramita Sen (Graduate Center & Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Geography, Globalization and Its effect on the daily life of the common people

Deen Sharp (Graduate Center)
Research Interests: Anthropology, architecture, Middle East
Advisor: Setha Low
Campus Affiliation(s): City College

David Spataro (Graduate Center) 
Advisor: Cindi Katz 
Research Interests: Social Reproduction & Social Movements; Commodification/De-Commodification; US Community Control and Back to the Land Movements; Anarchism and Anti-authoritarian organizing

Annie Spencer (Graduate Center) 
Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore
Research Interests: Post-Green Revolution agrarian movements in Bangladesh and India; political ecology, uneven development and the production of nature; livelihood, reproduction and resistance under global economic restructuring

Robert Stewart (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Demographics and Migration Patterns of Fatalities Investigated by OSHA

David Stolarz (Graduate Center)
AdvisorJohn Seley
Research Interests: GIS, RS, SLR, Policy

Owen Toews (Graduate Center) 
Research Interests: Settler-colonialism, neoliberal urbanism, violence, community-based organizations, urban land
Campus Affiliation(s): Instructor at Hunter College, Department of Urban Affairs and Planning

Atsushi Tomita (Hunter College) 
Research Interests: Human Geography, Remote Sensing, Urban Planning

Jun Tu (Herbert H. Lehman College)
Research Interests: Integration of GIS, Spatial analysis, and modeling with environmental studies; Application of GIS and spatial statistics in water resources and environmental health, Impacts of land use change on natural environment; Urbanization

Laurel Mei Turbin (Graduate Center)
Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore
Research Interests: Geographies of race, the nation-state, nationalism, the racial state, militarization, imperialism, colonialism, environmental justice, land, ethnic studies, Hawaiian studies, Indigenous studies

Stephanie Wakefield (Graduate Center)
Research Interests: Philosophy, Technology, Urbanism
Campus Affiliation: Instructor at Queens College