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Fall 2015 Seminar in Applied Economics


                           Organized by Prof. Sebastiano Manzan
                       Tuesdays, 11:45am - 1:45pm, Room 5383

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
3- Sept. Philip Shaw Fordham University
Insecure Tenure and the Location of Smallholder Forest Conversion in Sumatra
8-Sept. Daniela Osterrieder Rutgers University Unbalanced Regressions and the Predictive Equation
Jushan Bai Columbia University Econometric Analysis of Large Factor Models
29-Sept. Laura Veldkamp New York University Understanding Uncertainty Shocks and the Role of the Black Swan

6-Oct.  Jonathan Wright Johns Hopkins University
Weather Adjusting Economic Data
additional paper - here
13-Oct. Tobias Adrian Federal Reserve Bank of NY Nonlinearity and Flight to Safety in the Risk-Return Trade-Off for Stocks and Bonds
20-Oct. Liuren Wu Baruch College Centrality of the Supply Chain
27-Oct. Robert Engle New York University Systemic Risk and Prospect for Global Financial Stability
additional paper
Onur Altindag Graduate Center, CUNY Job market talk
3-Nov Ruirui Sun Graduate Center, CUNY Job market talk
10-Nov Peter Schott Yale University Trade Policy and the Structure of Supply Chains
17-Nov Frank Schorfeide University of Pennsylvania
Macroeconomic Dynamics Near the ZLB:
A Tale of Two Countries
Marco del Negro
Federal Reserve
Bank of New York
The Forward Guidance Puzzle
01-Dec Alice Zulkarnain
Graduate Center, CUNY
The Doorwerkbonus and Male Labor Supply in the Netherlands

Geert Bekaert Columbia University Macro-risks and the Term Structure
Steve O'Connell
Graduate Center, CUNY
Job market talk