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Industrial Organization


Industrial Organization

The area is devoted to the analysis of the behavior of organizations in situations differing from the paradigm of perfect competition. It covers the theory of monopoly and oligopoly, empirical analyses of industry structure and performance, case studies, antitrust analysis, and the economics of regulation. Topics covered include:

  • Monopoly pricing, price discrimination
  • Relation of industrial concentration to profitability; measurement of concentration; analysis of accounting returns
  • Theory of noncooperative, non zero-sum games, perfect equilibrium, supergame analysis
  • Cournot and Bertrand oligopoly models, the theory of cartels
  • Vertical integration, vertical pricing restraints
  • Monopolistic competition, advertising
  • Innovations, R&D, patents, Schumpeterian competition
  • Price regulation, Ramsey pricing

Required Course Work

Economics 83400, Industrial Organization I
Economics 83500, Industrial Organization II

Faculty Members and Areas of Research Interest

Yuri Arenberg (Brooklyn), Industrial Organization
David Gabel (Queens), Industrial Organization, Telecommunications Regulation
Lisa George (Hunter), Industrial Organization
Devra L. Golbe (Hunter), Industrial Organization
Zhou Lu (City), Industrial Organization
Steven Lustgarten (Baruch), Industrial Organization
Ingmar Nyman (Hunter), Industrial Organization
Joan Nix (Queens), Industrial Organization, Game Theory
Howard Ross (Baruch), Industrial Organization