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Macro and Monetary Economics Theory and Policy


Macro and Monetary Economics Theory and Policy

The field is designed to give the student a knowledge of modern macroeconomics and monetary theory and policy, with an emphasis on problems of stabilization policy in a stochastic world with both closed and open economies. Among the issues to be studied are:
• Inflation, its causes, social costs, and control
• Unemployment
• Rational expectations and economic policy
• Growth theory

Required Course Work
Economics 81100, Monetary Theory and Policy
Economics 81500, Special Topics in Macroeconomics

Faculty Members and Areas of Research Interest

Terence Agbeyegbe (Hunter), Macroeconomics
Suparna Chakraborty (Baruch), Macroeconomics
John Devereux (Queens), Macroeconomics
Ryan Edwards (Queens), Macroeconomics
Alvin Marty (Baruch), Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory
Sangeeta Pratap (Hunter), Macroeconomics, Development
Thom Thurston (Queens), Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
Merih Uctum (Brooklyn), International Finance
George Vachadze (CSI), Macroeconomics