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Bearison, David
Social-cognitive development, social interaction, learning and cognition, cognition and affect, developmental theories, aging.
Cohen, Shirley
Special education, families of children with disabilities, options for young adults and aging persons with disabilities.
Goh, David
Psychological assessment and intervention, differential diagnosis of children’s disorders, multicultural issues and procedures in psychological service delivery, clinical research methodology, microcomputer applications in professional psychology.
Gullo, Dominic
Child development, early cognition and language development, early childhood education and early literacy.
Halperin, Jeffrey
The relationship between brain functions and behavior disorders in children.
Hammrich, Penny
Science education and gender equity in science education.
Jeltova, Ida
Kopala, Mary
Counseling Psychology
Lavin, David
Sociology of education, education and social inequality, social psychology.
LiPuma, Joseph
Psychological assessment, program evaluation & computer applications for School Psychologists.
Lopez, Emilia
School psychology, consultation, linguistically and culturally diverse students.
Ramsey, Philip
Computer simulation, power of statistical tests, ability factors.
Ross, Roslyn
Assessment, measurement, counseling, personality development, issues in learning disability identification, school psychology supervision practices.
Rousseau, Marilyn
Development of language with emphasis on handicapped children, particularly writing, autistic children.
Scarborough, Hollis S.
Language development, reading acquisition and reading disabilities.
Theodore, Lea
Academic and behavioral interventions and classwide interventions
Young, Jason
Social Psychology

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