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Agathocleous, Tanya
Victorian literature and culture; history and theory of the novel; print culture and history of the book; modernist studies and twentieth-century literature; postcolonial literature and theory.
Alcalay, Ammiel
Poet, critic, translator, editor and scholar; textual scholarship; “New American” and African-American writing and culture in local and international contexts; King Philip's War to the writing of Vietnam veterans; the ancient Americas; literatures and cultures of the Middle East and the Balkans; cultures of resistance in colonization and decolonization; the Cold War; medieval studies; translation; poetics.
Alexander, Meena
Research Interests: Poetry and poetics; Trauma, Migration and Memory; South Asian literature; Postcolonial literature (Anglophone and Francophone) ; Asian American literature; Feminism, Gender and Sexuality; Autobiography, Embodiment, Phenomenology; early English Romanticism.
Bonaparte, Felicia
Victorian literature; the history of the novel, with special emphasis on all philosophic questions, in particular those questions grounded in epistemological issues and giving, through their concrete expressions, shape and meaning to the narrative by means of frames, structures, images, symbolism, use of literary traditions, use of literary texts, and the embedding of diverse genres.
Bowen, Barbara
Feminism and materialist theory and criticism; early modern period, especially Shakespeare and women writers; postcolonial literature and theory, with particular interest in African diaspora; African-American literature; editorial board, Found Object; consultant, Women Writers Project (Brown University).
Brenkman, John
Twentieth-century literature; critical theory.
Brownstein, Rachel
Satire and the novel, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries; graphic satire in England, especially the work of James Gillray; women's writing; biography; essays and letters.
Burger, Glenn
Medieval English and Scottish literature, especially Chaucer and Chaucerians; medieval cultural studies, especially gender and sexuality; medieval East/West relations; medieval women's writing; queer theory; postcolonial theory.
Caws, Mary Ann
Modernism and modernist art; comparative poetics and poetry; art and literature in America, England, and France; translation and translation theory; contemporary aesthetics; the essay; autobiography; Bloomsbury; Dada and surrealism; film studies.
Chuh, Kandice
20th century U.S. literatures and American studies; Asian American and comparative ethnic literary studies; minority discourse; critical/queer theory and critical race studies; disciplinarity and difference; globalization and global feminisms; aesthetics and cultural studies
Davidson, Cathy
History of technology, history of the book in the U.S., digital media and learning, digital humanities, critical university studies, the role of technology in culture, cognition, and learning, industrial and postindustrial society, American cultural and literary studies.
Dawson, Ashley
Post-colonial literature and theory, cultural studies, contemporary British literature
Di Iorio, Lyn
Caribbean and U.S. Latino/a literatures; literatures of the Americas; magical realism; ghosts and the Gothic; fiction writing: the novel; minority and multi-ethnic literature and aesthetics.
Dickstein, Morris
Contemporary literature and American studies; urban and ethnic fiction; realism and modernism; cultural criticism; English Romantic poetry; film genre and film history; politics and literature; literary journalism, literary criticism, and public intellectuals.
DiGangi, Mario
Feminist, materialist, and queer criticism; lesbian and gay studies; history of sexuality; early modern period, especially the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries; gender and sexuality in the Renaissance; historicism in Renaissance studies.
Dolan, Marc
American Literature and Culture, 1845 to the present; popular genres in literature (for example, detective fiction, science fiction, horror, romance); media studies (particularly film, popular music, and broadcasting); ethnicity in American culture; the literature of New York City; cultural studies and cultural theory.
Elsky, Martin
Early modern literature and history; Elizabethan/Jacobean print culture and the emergence of authorship; Renaissance language theory; 17th-century religious lyric; early modern trans-Atlanticism; history of criticism; Articles Editor of Renaissance Quarterly.
Faherty, Duncan
Eighteenth-century American literature; early U.S. literature and culture (1780-1850); American Studies; circum-Atlantic Studies
Fisher, William
The literature and culture of early modern England; the history of gender, sexuality, and race; early modern cultural studies.
Gold, Matthew K.
Digital humanities; scholarly communication; digital pedagogy; networked rhetoric; future of the book; nineteenth-century American literature and visual culture
Greetham, David
Interdisciplinary textual theory; interactive technology; textualities; scholarly editing and bibliographical studies; history of the book, authorship, and reception; medieval English literature; history of literary criticism; critical theory and culture criticism; founder of Society for Textual Scholarship.
Hintz, Carrie
Women's writing of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with a focus on life writing (letters, diaries, auto/biography); women and nonconformity in Restoration England; spousal biography from the seventeenth century to the contemporary moment; utopian and dystopian writing; speculative and experimental fiction for children and young adults.
Hitchcock, Peter
Literary theory, cultural theory, Marxism, Bakhtin, and working-class fiction; world literature; postcolonialism; film studies; associate director, Center for Place, Culture, and Politics.
Hoeller, Hildegard
Nineteenth and early twentieth century American literature; fiction by African-American and Women Writers; literature and economy; literary traditions (sentimental writing, realism, naturalism, modernism, the Harlem Renaissance).
Humpherys, Anne
Victorian studies; popular literature; narrative theory; women's studies.
Israel, Nico
Twentieth-century literatures; literary and critical theory (especially concerning globalization, biopolitics, human rights, post-poststructuralism); and art history and visual culture.
Joseph, Gerhard
Victorian literature, with specialization in poetry; contemporary theory, and the history of criticism; the contemporary novel; cyberculture and cyberfiction.
Kaye, Richard
Victorian and modernist literature and culture; gender and sexuality; history of the novel; literature of the fin de siècle; World War I literature; psychoanalysis; modernism.
Kelly, William
American literature of the 18th and 19th centuries; American studies; cultural theory.
Koestenbaum, Wayne
Poetry and poetics; modern and contemporary literature; music; film; visual art; queer studies; cultural studies; performance; the essay; autobiography.
Kruger, Steven
Medieval studies, especially Chaucer and late-medieval narrative poetry; medieval interreligious (Jewish-Christian-Islamic) relations; queer theory and lesbian and gay studies, particularly the AIDS crisis and the construction of racial, sexual, religious, and gender categories.
Marcus, Jane
Feminist literary criticism; 20th-century British literature and intellectual history (women's suffrage, World War I); transatlantic cultural studies (African diaspora, the 1930s); Virginia Woolf; primitivism and modernism; Nancy Cunard and the Negro anthology; intersections of race, class and culture.
McBeth, Mark
Composition & Rhetoric; queer theory; history of education.
McCoy, Richard
Late medieval and early modern periods; 16th- and 17th-century English literature; Skelton, More, Sidney, Shakespeare, Spenser, Milton; Renaissance and Reformation politics, religion, and culture; ritual and iconography; new historicism and cultural poetics.
Milhous, Judith
Drama and theatrical performance, all periods, but particularly 17th- and 18th-century English.
Miller, Nancy K.
Contemporary autobiography and autobiography theory; women's writing (American and French); 20th-century cultural history, after 1945; feminist theory.
Otte, George
Basic writing (co-editor, Journal of Basic Writing, 1996-2002); the politics of language use; error analysis; composition and rhetorical theory; literary/critical theory; assessment and evaluation; computer-mediated communication and instruction (University Director of Academic Technology, CUNY ).
Perl, Sondra
Composition theory and rhetoric, felt sense, embodied knowing, digital composing, new media, creative nonfiction, memoir, Holocaust and genocide studies.
Pollard, Tanya
Shakespeare; early modern drama; Greek drama; comparative drama; audience response; genre theory; history of medicine, the body, and emotions; classics and reception theory; feminism; cultural studies.
Reid-Pharr, Robert
Race, gender, sexuality, and American culture; 19th- and 20th-century literature; African-American literature and poetics; film studies.
Reitz, Caroline
Victorian Literature and Culture, crime/detective fiction, Victorian periodicals, Victorian literature of empire, the history of the novel, contemporary female detective fiction.
Reynolds, David S.
American literature, particularly before 1900, with special interests in cultural studies, transnationalism, gender studies, historicist scholarship, biography, popular culture, the American Renaissance.
Richardson, Joan
American literature/American studies, focusing on the 19th and 20th centuries; modernism; Wallace Stevens; science and literature; philosophy and literature, especially pragmatism; visual arts and literature; American Colonial period and American religion; poetics; editorial board, The Wallace Stevens Journal; editorial board, Studies in American Fiction; poetry editor, The Grenfell Press.
Richter, David
Restoration and 18-century literature, especially prose fiction 1660 to 1837; the gothic novel; crime fiction and true crime; the graphic novel; biblical narrative; history of the novel; historical/cultural studies; history of literary criticism and theory; theory of narrative; editorial board, Narrative.
Sargent, Michael
Medieval literature and cultural studies, with a particular interest in the 15th century.
Savran, David
American theatre and performance; twentieth-century literature; popular culture; sociology of culture; gender studies; queer studies.
Schaffer, Talia
Nineteenth-century literature and material culture; domestic realism; marriage plot; disability studies; decorative arts; noncanonical writers; aestheticism; women's writing; cultural studies; late-Victorian literature and culture; feminism and canon revision.
Schlutz, Alexander
British and German Romanticism, literature and philosophy, intellectual history, literary theory, literature and the visual arts, literature and ecology
Shor, Ira
Composition and rhetoric; critical pedagogy and literacy; working-class studies; critical whiteness and cultural studies; Paulo Freire theory and methods; urban eduation; rhetoric of space and place; rhetoric of occupy.
Tolchin, Neal
19th-century American literature; contemporary multicultural American fiction, employing an eclectic methodology, a blend of new historicism, psychoanalytic theory, and interdisciplinary and American studies approaches.
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