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Projected Courses


Projected Courses

Spring 2015

French 77020 Techniques of Literary Research. In French.
GC: R, 11:45-1:45, 4 credits, Professor Francesca Sautman
First-year Ph.D. Program in French students only.

French 79140 Crowds and North Africa. In English.
GC: W, 4:15-6:15, 2/4 credits, Professor Andrea Khalil

French 86200 Textes et théories du théâtre au vingtième siècle. In French.
GC: T, 6:30-8:30, 2/4 credits, Professor David Andrew Jones

French 86500 Poésie/Modernité. In French.
GC: M, 4:15-6:15, 2/4 credits, Professor Peter Consenstein

French 87000 Feminist Theories. In English.
GC: T, 4:15-6:15, 2/4 credits, Professor Domna Stanton

See Also:
CL. 80100 Translation, Adaptation. In English.
GC: W, 4:15-6:15 p.m., 4 credits, Prof. Mary Ann Caws
Roger Fry would frequently request that his painter friends “translate” some work of art into another, of their own creation. We want to work with this notion of visual translation alongside the more usual linguistic one of transporting a text into a different language. Such experimentation entails a certain delight in adaptation, in reconfiguring various givens into some other construction, altering structure, style, and profile. The subjects will, in the best of moments, set up a positive interference, as the elements are configured in ways sometimes predictable, sometimes unexpected. For beginning examples: how the baroque and the surrealist impulse coincide in art and text, how an enlightenment figure can become sublimely modernist, how the translation of a poem in diverse epochs and languages may change its impact, how one story or novel can be presented in several films or plays with massive differences between them. The presentations, readings, and viewings and the periods, genres, and languages concerned will depend to a large extent on the visual and verbal interests of the participants. We are open to experiments.