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  • Professor Andrea Khalil published Gender, Women and the Arab Spring, (Routledge, 2015). The book provides a unique investigation into the gender dynamics of the Arab Spring as it unfolded in North Africa. It covers issues such as gender legislation in the post-revolution period, sexual harassment, gender activism, politics and the female body, women and Islamist movements, state feminism, women and political economy, and women’s rights in the context of political transitions. Chapters on Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt are written by specialist and activists from those countries. It includes a rare, first hand insight into the gender debates, human rights violations and politics of post-Qaddafi Libya, written by a Libyan scholar directly engaged in these developments. An analysis of post-Mubarak gender debates in Egypt is detailed by a gender activist and scholar currently engaged in these debates in favour of gender equitable legislation and human rights in Egypt. Two former Ministers of Women’s Affairs from Tunisia and Algeria, who are also prolific scholars, provide analysis on the situation of women’s rights in the context of Islamism and freedom of artistic expression in Tunisia and Algeria. In addition to these first-hand accounts written by North African political and civil society actors, the book provides a comprehensive theoretical background that allows for readers to understand the historical and deeper cultural contexts of gender struggles. The Foreword frames the larger debate about gender equality and democratisation in the North Africa/Middle East region and clearly presents the lines of investigation of the chapters. Each chapter contains a clear framing of the subject that will orient, educate, and intelligently inform the general reader about the history, current developments and stakes of women’s struggles that have intensified and shifted since the beginning of the Arab Spring.
  • Distinguished Professor Domna Stanton will present a lecture entitled "Enslaved to Chocolate: Culture, Commerce and Gender in 17th Century France" at Columbia/Maison francaise on Wednesday, February 19th at 6:00 P.M. Professor Stanton explores the cult of chocolate introduced by Spanish-born queens to the court of Louis XIV and retraces its production through France's Atlantic slave trade and imperial rivalvies. Her talk highlights the ambivalences that attended the medicalization and sexualization of chocolate as its consumption expanded into the city street.
  • Professor Andrea Khalil published Crowds and Politics in North Africa Tunisia, Algeria and Libya (Routledge, 2014). The book takes predominant crowd theory to task, questioning received ideas about ‘mob psychology’ that remain prevalent today. It is a synchronic study of crowds, crowd dynamics and the relationships of crowds to political power in Tunisia, Libya and Algeria (2011-2013) that has far reaching implications embedded in its thesis.
  • Professor Mary Ann Caws published The Modern Art Cookbook (Reaktion Books, 2013) to glowing reviews. The Evening Standard wrote, "The best thing about this beautifully packaged book is the lavish quantity of coloured plates: still lives and drawings, the odd photograph, some familiar, others not, all of them of food . . . [Caws] has paired pictures and recipes in the most imaginative way . . . A visual feast to salivate over." And from Country Life: "Try Cézanne's pears and quinces with honey or Roy Lichtenstein's roast fillet of beef. Less a kitchen book than a feast for the eyes."
  • Professor Evelyne Ender was appointed to the Editorial Board of PMLA in the Fall of 2012. As part of the celebration for the anniversary of the publication of Du côté de chez Swann, she also presented “Inside a Red Cover: Proust and the Art of the Book” at the Proust and the Arts conference at Harvard, in April 2013. In March 2013, at the 20/21st Century French and Francophone Studies in Atlanta, Professor Ender spoke on Beckett, Proust, and memory (“La mémoire proustienne à l’épreuve de Beckett”). Additionally, she translated into French, for Editions Garnier, her chapter on nineteenth-century lyrical poetry, which first appeared in French Global: A New French Literary History (Columbia University Press, 2010): « Poètes en mal de pays : les paradoxes du lyrisme dans la France du dix-neuvième siècle » is announced for Fall 2013. She also spoke at the Graduate Center, in January 2012, at the invitation of James Melo and the Ensemble of the Romantic Century, on « Fashioning Modernism : Rimbaud meets Verlaine meets Debussy ». In connection to her book in progress, she spoke at the MLA as well, in Jan. 2013, on George Sand (“Une plume qui court sur le papier: avancées technologiques et créativité”) and presented a lecture at the Université de Lausanne in March 2013, « Les sentiers de la création : Chopin, Sand et les neurosciences ». Finally, in February 2012, she presented two lectures and a seminar at Emory University : « In Search of the Creative Brain : Frederic Chopin and George Sand » (Department of Comparative literature); « Handwriting : The Brain, the Hand, the Eye, the Ear » (Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture); and « Louise Bourgeois’s Memory Cells » (Emory Psychoanalytic Studies Program).
  • Professor Bernd Renner was invited to join the Société d'Histoire littéraire de la France in January 2013. He is the only US-based scholar who was chosen to participate in the new Dictionnaire Rabelais. Under the direction of Prof. Mireille Huchon of Paris IV-Sorbonne, who edited the Pléiade edition of Rabelais, the 140-entry dictionary will be published by Classiques Garnier in the fall of 2014.
  • Mary Ann Caws, on sabbatical from the Graduate Center this year, has been busy writing essays for art catalogues on André Masson, (Blain /diDonna), Hans Arp (Blain/diDonna), Francesca Woodman (Vienna exhibition), Jon Schueler (499 Park Avenue lobby), and Elspeth Halvorsen. (Provincetown Art Museum), and is preparing another at the moment for a fall show here and later in London. Forthcoming in the fall is an anthology of Pierre Reverdy (with 15 translators), that she has edited with Richard Sieburth, for New York Review Books. She is currently working on a book provisionally called Surrealist Solicitations, and a memoir-essay on her grandmother, a painter in the South. Her Modern Art Cookbook, being published by Reaktion Books (distributed by Univ. of Chicago Press), will be coming out this fall.
  • Professor Jerry Carlson has been honored with five 2012 NY Emmy Nominations. Nueva York leads the pack with 3 nominations: for Magazine Program (Best of Season 7), Arts: Program Feature/Segment (Fernando Perez), and Historical/Cultural: Program Feature/Segment (Hermanas Colorado). Canapé has 2 nominations: for Historical/Cultural Program Feature/Segment (Another Afghanistan) and Societal Concerns: Program Feature/Segment (JR - Art and Act). The majority of producers on both shows are MFA graduates from CCNY. The awards are announced in mid-April.
  • Professor Julia Przybos participated in a seminar dedicated to her recent book Les Aventures du corps masculin at la Sorbonne on January 11, 2013. After a general presentation by the author, Professor Martine Reid (Université Lille III) and Professor Pierre Glaudes (Paris IV-la Sorbonne) discussed the book in more detail. The three presentations were followed by a discussion between the panelists and the audience.
  • Professor Sam Di Iorio and Jamie Berthe (NYU) curated a 34 film retrospective of works by and with anthropologist Jean Rouch for the Alliance Française of New York and Anthology Film Archives. November, 2012.
  • Professor Sam Di Iorio curated a 9 film retrospective of work by critic and filmmaker Jean-André Fieschi for Anthology Film Archives. May, 2012.
  • Professor Julia Przybos published Les aventures du corps masculin, Paris: José Corti, 2012, 293 pages.
  • Professor Francesca Sautman presented a lecture entitled "Immigrant Artists and Their Studios in New York City, 1930s-1940s" at the New York Public Library (Stephen A. Schwarzmann Building) in July, 2012.
  • Distinguished Professor Domna C. Stanton received the 2011 Translation or Teaching Edition Award from the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (SSEMW) for her edition of Gabrielle Suchon, A Woman Who Defends All the Persons of her Sex.
  • Professor Andrea Khalil is the recipient of a Mellon Fellowship for Mid-Career faculty at the CUNY Graduate Center. Currently she is a member of the Mellon Interdisciplinary Committee for the Study of Religion where she presents her on-going research into the cultural production of bread riots in Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt. This is part of her current book project on bread riots and literature of political protest in Algeria. She was recently appointed Program Officer (with a focus on Tunisia) for the American Institute for Maghreb Studies and is on the editorial board for The Journal of North African Studies.
  • Professor Jerry Carlson has been nominated for six New York Emmy Awards: three for the Spanish language series "Nueva York" and three for the series co-produced with the French Embassy, "Canapé."
  • The French Program has named Professors Antoinette Blum, Marilyn Hacker, and Eve Sourian Professors Emeriti.
  • Professor Marilyn Hacker was awarded the 2010 PEN/Voelcker prize. The award is present bi-annually to a distinguished American poet whose work represents a notable and accomplished presence in American literature.
  • Professor Jerry Carlson, as producer of "Canapé," won a 2010 Film/Video Winners Silver Award. 
  • As producer of "Nueva York" and "We are New York," two CUNY-TV programs, Professor Jerry Carlson was awarded two Emmys.
  • Distinguished Professor Mary Ann Caws was recently elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • Professor Marilyn Hacker was elected a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets.
    The Academy has twelve Chancellors at a time, who serve for six year terms. Currently, Chancellors inlcude Rita Dove, Robert Pinsky, Kay Ryan (now Poet Laureate of the United States), Lyn Hejinian, Gerald Stern and Carl Phillips.
  • Professor Bernd Renner was recently named Bernard H. Stern Professor in Humor Studies (2007-2009) at Brooklyn College.
  • On April 13, 2007, Professor Eve Sourian was awarded a Palme Academique by the French Cultural Services of the French Embassy.
  • Professor Jerry Carlson was awarded a City Council of New York Citation for work on Canapé in March of 2007.
  • The Institut du Tout-monde was founded in Paris and Martinique at the initiative of Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant. Please click here to visit the Institute's website.
  • A selection from Distinguished Professor Mary Ann Caws's recent book,Surprised in Translation (University of Chicago Press, 2006), entitled "Greeting, Slippage, and Shaping" has been published on the PEN America's website. To visit the webpage, please click here.
  • As producer of Canapé, Professor Jerry Carlson has been nominated for an Emmy award in the category of Arts Programming. This is his third nomination.
    Since 1996, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and CUNY TV have produced together one of the few French programs to appear on American television: Canapé.
    Stylish and modern, Canapé is the only program entirely devoted to French cultural events in New York and the United States. This monthly half-hour show includes film releases, book translations, exhibitions, festivals, ballets, concerts and theater productions.The series premieres on CUNY TV in New York and is distributed nationally to PBS affiliates, media centers, and educational networks.
  • In March of 2007, Professor Julia Przybos presented a paper entitled, "Vivre ou prier: le vitalisme et le catholicisme dans "L'Ami Fritz" d'Erckmann-Chatrian" at The Society of Dix-Neuviémistes Fifth Annual Colloquium at Fitzwilliam College, University Of Cambridge. The title of the conference was "Institutions and Power".
  • On February 21, 2007, Professors Lucienne Serrano and Thomas Spear, and doctoral student Sophie Saint-Just, participated in the second international Kreofolies videoconference, entitled "Rassemblement pan-créole: écoutons la voix des jeunes." Professor Spear organized the New York component of the conference at the Lehman College campus of CUNY, hosting students, faculty, and members of CUNY organizations, including ethnomusicologist Prof. Dominique Cyrille (from Lehman) and Jude Piquant, representingHabetac (based at Brooklyn College). Other participants included students, faculty and organization leaders (such as Pierre-Roland Bain of the Mois du Créole à Montréal) at the University of York in Toronto, and secondary teachers and the coordinator of the Mauritian Prevokbek programme, Jimmy Harmon, at the Centre de Formation Pour Educateurs at the Bureau de l'Education Catholique in Mauritius. 
    Participants in Australia, Martinique and Saint-Lucia joined the three video sites through audio connections. Moderated from Toronto by Paul Comarmond of the International Organisation of Creole People (the conference sponsor), the animated debate raised many linguistic, political and social questions concerning Creole language, its regional variants and standarization, definitions of Creole identity, and ties with communities of the Creole diaspora. The two-hour conference is available to view online, with a blog for follow-up information and discussion at the Kreofolies web site. Clickhere to visit the Kreofolies web site.
  • The Modern Language Association of America awarded its fourteenth annual Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Comparative Literary Studies to Professor Evelyne Ender, for her book Architexts of Memory: Literature, Science, and Autobiography, published by the University of Michigan Press. The prize is awarded annually for an outstanding scholarly work that is written by a member of the association and that involves at least two literatures.

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  • Distinguished Speaker Edouard Glissant was an invited author at the Sixth International Literature Conference in Berlin in September. He was invited to give the conference's opening address. Please click here to visit the conference website.
  • On July 6, Professor Hermann Haller was elected as a Socio Corrispondente Straniero (Foreign Corresponding Member) of the Accademia della Crusca.
  • The University of Minnesota Press has published the English translation of the complete poetic oeuvre of Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant. He was recently honored at an event at the Graduate Center which featured musical accompaniment and readings from the book. Please click here to read the press release.
  • Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant was invited to the l'Elysée in Paris by President Jacques Chirac on the occasion of the announcement of May 10th as Journée Commémorative de l'Abolition de l'Esclavage. For the text and video of the speech, click here.
  • Gallimard Publishers sponsored a lecture celebrating the publication of Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant's new book, La cohée du Lamentinon June 13 in Paris. The event is also sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture.
  • On May 30, the Université de Paris 8 held an event awarding the Prix Edouard Glissant to Alain Borer for his work on Rimbaud. This international award, created and named after our own Distinguished Professor, is conferred annually. To view the program, click  here.
  • The Museum of Jewish Heritage sponsored an event entitled,  "Reflections on Identity, Language, and Loss" which featured a discussion by Professor Andre Aciman. For the program for this event, which took place on May 18, clickhere.
  • Distinguished Professor Mary Ann Caws received a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to go to Bellagio's writers' retreat to write her book, Eight Eccentric Women Artists (tentative title), to be published with Palgrave Macmillan. This is the second time Professor Caws receives this prestigious award, which requires a ten-year waiting period between applications.
  • In Carthage, Tunisia, the Tunisian Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters sponsored a three-day colloquium entitled, "Edouard Glissant, pour une poétique de la Relation : limites, épreuves, dépassement" on the work of Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant. For a complete program and related publications for this event, which took place April 26-28,  click here.
  • Professor Royal Brown was the curator for a program sponsored by the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, held at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center on April 15. This program, on Prokofiev and Eisenstein, was part of a series of seminars entitled, "Sound Effect: How Music Changed the Movies."
  • La Maison de l'Amérique latine, along with the publisher Gallimard, sponsored an event celebrating the publication of Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant's new book La Cohée du Lamentin at the museum in Paris on April 15.
  • On March 16, 2005, Professor Thomas C. Spear was awarded the Trophée de la diversité culturelle by the French Ministry of Culture for his website, île en île. The awards ceremony was held in Amiens, France, and was widely broadcast on French television.
  • The Centre Georges Pompidou held an event honoring the work of Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant, entitled Edouard Glissant: Politique, poétique des langues, on March 24, 2005, in Paris.
  • Professor Marilyn Hacker will receive the Prix Max Jacob Étranger at the Maison des Écrivains 53, rue de Verneuil, in Paris, on February 16th for her book, La rue palimpseste, Éditions de La Différence, 2004. She was recently interviewed by Canal U in Toulouse. Click here to view and listen to the interview on-line.