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Allen, Esther
Translation, 19th and 20th century Latin American and French literature, life writing (autobiography and biography), and issues in anglophone globalization.
Callahan, Laura
Intercultural communication, language and identity, codeswitching, and heritage language maintenance
Chang-Rodriguez, Raquel
Colonial Studies, 'Indigenismo' The Relationship between Text and Images in Literature
Childers, William
Cervantes, Theory of the Baroque, the Moriscos
Costa, Marithelma
Medieval Spanish Literature Fifthteenth-Century Cancioneros, Romancero
Dapía, Silvia
Contemporary Latin America (Southern Cone) literature and culture, German-Latin American relations, philosophy and literature, comparative literature, and literary theory.
Degiovanni, Fernando
Nationalism and transnationalism, cultural hegemony, production of disciplinary knowledges on Latin American literature throughout the twentieth century
Del Valle, José
The politics of language representation in Spain, Latin America, and the USA. The interface between linguistic and intellectual history. Transatlantic language studies.
Fernández, Eva
Human sentence processing, bilingualism, second language acquisition, instructional technology
Filer, Malva E.
Spanish American Fiction Since 1960 Spanish American Essay, Argentinian Literature
Fiol-Matta, Licia
Modern and contemporary Caribbean literary and cultural studies; Latin American Literature; Women’s/Gender Studies; US Latino; Queer Theory; Critical Theory; Popular Culture; Music; and American Studies.
García, Ofelia
Language and Education, Bilingualism, Sociology of Language.
Glickman, Nora
Twentieth Century Latin American Literature; Cinema and Theatre; Creative Writing.
Graham-Jones, Jean
Contemporary and colonial Latin American (especially Argentine) theatre and performance in addition to theatre, performance, and cultural theories.
Madrigal, José Luis
Fiction and Essay in Sixteenth Century Spain and in other periods.
Makihara, Miki
Linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, anthropology; ethnography of speaking, discourse analysis, political economy of language, language ideology, language contact, bilingualism, ethnicity; Polynesia, Pacific
Martínez, Elena
Latin American Literature; Latin American Women's Literature; Latino/Latina Literature.
Martínez Torrejón, José Miguel
Medieval and Renaissance Spanish and Portuguese Literature. Textual criticism. Philological and rhetorical analysis. History of Ideas. Literature and Politics. Colonial Historiography. Hispano-Portuguese relations
Mercado, Juan Carlos
19th- and 20th- Century Spanish-American Literature History of Ideas in Latin America, The Essay 16th-Century Discoverers and Explorers in North America (USA Territory)
Muñoz Millanes, José
Contemporary Poetry, Spanish Golden Age
Nogueira, Alejandro Alonso
Late 19th-century intellectual history and modernism in literature.
Otheguy, Ricardo
Spanish linguistics, Language contact and Spanish in the United States Functional approaches to grammatical analysis
Perkowska, Magdalena
Latin American Literature, Historical Novel, Visual Studies, Central American Fiction Literary and Cultural Theories
Piña-Rosales, Gerardo
19th and 20th centuries Spanish Narrative, Literature of Exile, Hispanic Literature in the United States, Literature and the Arts (Photography)
Riobó, Carlos
Cuban and Argentine literatures and cultures; Critical theory and cultural studies; Archives and archiving; Captivity narratives from the Southern Cone.
Schwartz, Lía
Seventeenth-Century Prose and Poetry, Quevedo, Renaissance and Baroque Satire
Smith, Paul Julian
Modern Spain and Mexico, especially media studies: film and television.
Soto, Francisco
Latin American Literature Hispanic Caribbean Literature Latino/Latina Literature Latin American Short Story Gender Studies in Latin America
Tinajero, Araceli
Literary and intellectual history; Orientalisms; reading history; travel writing and biography; transpacific studies; Mexican, Caribbean and Latino literatures in comparative perspective; transatlantic studies.
Zavala, Oswaldo
Contemporary Mexican Narrative, U.S.-México Border Studies, Literary Theory, Latin American Cultural Studies, Politics of Literature and the Literary Field.