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Events and Lecture Series


Events and Lecture Series

The Graduate Program in Linguistics sponsors talks and series in many areas of interest to the linguistic community. Speakers include faculty and students from our own program as well as visiting researchers and professionals. We especially encourage our students to avail themselves of the broader intellectual perspective offered by these events, but other members of the CUNY community as well as any interested outside guests are welcome to attend.

  Special Events

Research Institute for the Study of Language in an Urban Society

The Institute conducts research on language, literacy, and bilingualism and their development and acquisition in an urban society. The central mission of RISLUS is to investigate those research questions that are at the nexus between language and the New York City urban environment.

CUNY Conference on human sentence processing


Starting in 1970 at MIT, the North East Linguistics Society (NELS) has been meeting yearly in October/November. This student-organized NELS was hosted by CUNY for the third time for its 43rd meeting on October 19-21, 2012.

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CUNY Phonology Forum

CUNY MA/PhD Program in Linguistics, in collaboration with the CUNY Phonology Forum, will cosponsor the CUNY Conference on WEIGHT in Phonology and Phonetics, January 16-17, 2014 in the Segel theater. There will be two days of talks with an invited speaker every day (Kevin Ryan, Harvard University, and Draga Zec, Cornell University). To see the program please visit the website at Attendance is free for all CUNY students and faculty, but we encourage you to register at


 The SYNC Conference is a one-day linguistics conference organized and run by the graduate students of SUNY Stony Brook, Yale University, New York University, and the CUNY Graduate Center. It provides a venue for students and faculty to present their research, covering all areas of linguistics, both theoretical and applied, in a friendly environment.
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SQUID (Showcasing Quirky and Unusual Ideas in Development) is an annual student run conference which provides students and faculty the opportunity to present works in progress and other light hearted research projects